Saturday, May 31, 2008

They Gave Women The Right To Vote???

Do you like girls? Of course you do. I like them. Not sexually, but I am one, and I like to befriend girls, gain their trust, get a copy of their apartment key made, and then borrow their clothing. You might like them for far more different reasons. I may be making a general statement, but we definitely give better blowjobs. Not saying, just saying.

Anyway, you might like girls best when they have a guitar or drumsticks in their hands. Good, good. You might even get a kick out of watching chicks dick about on stage while strumming a few basic chords, or in Meg White's case, pounding a snare and a cymbal.

Well, you're in luck! Ha ha! Luck.

9 years ago, this compilation of chicks in bands with assorted songs and maybe some albums came about. It was called Alright, This Time Just The Girls. The first volume (two discs) is AWEsome. The Cougars, Free Kitten, Banana Erectors, just some of the best grrrl bands from the 90s.

The next volume, in '06, features the Detroit Cobras, the Muffs, Holly Golightly, more amazing riot grrrrls, with a ton of R's.

I picked these gems up from Turn Right To Open. an AWEsome blog with great music from all decades. Good music is timeless. Real talk. Anyway, volume links after the jump.

Vol 1 Disc 1

Vol 1 Disc 2

Vol 2 Disc 1