Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Open Letter To U.O.

Dear Urban Outfitters,

You have nice clothing. This is mostly because, unlike American Apparel, you sell other people's clothes. Yeah, you have that in house collection, but we both know it's just there to take up space in the sale section.

I have a propensity to buy everything there. Let me say now that that would not happen were you to stop selling the Kimchi & Blue line at your stores. That would be a dark day indeed.

But ohai, why put so much effort into creating a wonderful selection of other label's clothing and not use that same attitude when you sell accessories.

Let me preface this by saying I buy my sunglasses everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean where they cost less than 20 bucks. Alright. Let's move on.

I buy those totally hipster Ray-ban wannabe sunglasses from you guys. I am under the impression that you guys (or some ten year olds in the Philippines) manufacture them. Why is the quality so shitty, UO? I have only owned my most recent pair for two months and the frame has already cracked. Don't start blaming this on the fact that I stuff them in a bag already holding a planner, pocket notebook, Blackberry, keys, water bottle, comb, mirror, umbrella, checkbook, pens and pencils, tampons, and on rare occasions, novel. This has nothing to do with that.

I have taken to repairing said frames with super glue. pliers, and a hair clip. While, yes, I have discovered that being MacGyver is easier than it looks, I shouldn't have to do this. I have sunglasses that cost about ten bucks less than yours from Forever 21 and they have lasted me two years, maintenance free.

So, in summation, please continue selling other people's clothes and start selling other people's sunglasses. Kthxbai.



Jtalk said...

The same thing happened to me, I was very upset. Now I just made them into glasses with out lenses there not gonna get as much use though :( oh and another annoying thing is that I found them on st. marks place for less then half the uo ones..

Sunglasses Guy said...

This is why you don't spend only $20 on sunglasses. You should spend at least $50, and you really need to look at the craftsmanship. You never know, they could have been made by a 10 year old kid in the Phillipines.

MACK said...

i once saw a girl with this fancy case for her sunglasses...and i looked in (the very bottom of) my own bag and after 3mins of digging found my specs...beautifully scratched and bent. really though, a case? is it that serious?

Sunglasses Guy said...

I've never bought sunglasses without a case. It's like throwing money away, especially if you've paid a lot for them. But even if they are only $10, still worth it.

Georgious Porgious said...

have u checked out blublockers? they r pretty durable n only 15 bucks a pop. the originals and the tortoise shell ( or watevs they r called) r pretty awesome and i kno i obsess over them. u can go to or a walgreens. there is a walgreens next to georgia tech that almost always has them in.