Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Myspace V. Facebook

Back when Xanga was the sex, I distinctly remember leaving a comment on my friend's Xanga saying, "Facebook is going to be the new Myspace. I call it." That was like four years ago, and if I could find that comment, I would toss it in the face of everyone who thinks they personally discovered Facebook. Like, psshh! Espesh since everyone is trying soooo hard to get me to join Facebook.

This is how conversation ish tends to go down:

Them: I'm having a party.
Me: Okay. Just call me and tell me when it is.
Them: I could just invite you on Facebook.
Me: I don't have a Facebook.
Them: You should get one. Everyone has one.
Me: Then Facebook everyone else. Just call me. I have a phone. It accepts incoming calls. [then I walk away from said convo]

This is how shit would ensue if the two went against each other. I'm going to warn you, this vid is only mildly funny.



MACK said...

at first, i jumped on the facebook bandwagon & and i actually liked it better than myspace. it was 2 years ago & i had just started college and i was all pretentious and stuff. then facebook started adding all those annoying applications so i drifted back towards myspace. then myspace started getting too showy and flashy for me so as of now, i'm stuck in this horrible purgatory type place, flip flopping between the two. life is beautiful!

MACK said...

and i think xanga needs to make a comeback. i used to LOVE xanga! then i left him for myspace. who i then left for facebook, who was "for older mature people". HA.

Erika said...

I liked xanga too! It was really easy to get really tacky glittery layouts and I had everything customized: the cursor was sparkly cherries, I had one of those chat-boxes in the corner. Like xanga is ideally for uber tacky thirteen yr olds.

Anonymous said...

I have a facebook, but for me it's just like email or im or something. I really only use it to talk to the people I don't quite like enough to talk to on the phone. My facebook page is like the plainest thing ever, I fucking hate all those dumb applications. But seriously, the best way to actually talk to me is not through facebook. You should seriously just pick up your phone and call me.

Erika said...

I know, that's how I feel. At least people could text me. It's like Facebook, just not the same experience I guess.

Jtalk said...

This is all very true. I guess I only keep facebook because everyone has it and I enjoy putting up photo albums cause I like photography. My biggest problem with facebook is that it lets people I never even talk to I just have seen them around school etc stalk my life which is the case with this one girl ugh...

Anonymous said...

I like myspace better than facebook. I have facebook for family and spersonal stuff, but Myspace is for fun and music and pictures and bands, etc. I prefer
Myspace, it's more colorful!