Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cole Mohr X Marc Jacobs

At first when I saw these ads I was still reeling from the MIA versions. I thought, "boy in a dress...this will pass." But there are more. And they look promising. The boy is Cole Mohr. The designer is Marc Jacobs. The photographer has always been Juergen Teller. These are dresses.

Scarily enough, I would consider buying them more after seeing them on a dude. In the famous words of Missbehave:


Valentina loves Cole Mohr. I like masculine Cole Mohr. I guess this works out because if they get together, they can borrow each other's clothes.



Valentina said...

Cole cole cole. I loove you!! My boss jokes that she's going to bring Cole into the office one day for an interview just so she can see me be competely silent for once.

I like Cole masculine looking too. I just think it's hawt when a dude can rock a dress. You know like old school Kurt Cobain. It's very 90's rocker-ish.

Anonymous said...

I found some pics of Cole from Argentina. They are very nice.
Check the link