Sunday, August 10, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Boo, It's Sunday. When I was younger, I used to hate Sundays because it meant I had to go to church. Don't get me wrong, I like church, I just hated having to get up so early when I stayed up so late on Saturday. Then, when I got a little older, I hated Sundays because I had to go to work all day. Now I hate Sundays because they're so boring, but here's some shit to look forward to today:

New episode of Mad Men
Miss Viviane's sex column on Single Scoop

This is what my weekend in the A looked like:

Thursday was Chris's 21st birthday. Since I dipped out around 2:15-ish, I didn't stay with him for the excitement that was him stumbling home so completely faded that he vomited all over his porch and tried to break his roommate's bed. None of which, of course, he remembers. I love that kid.

Friday was a little more relaxed. I picked up a new Zune since my other one was gone when my car was returned and, to my utter amazement, even with no makeup and barely doing my hair, the dude at Best Buy still tried to pick me up. Don't worry, I totes rebuffed him.

Saturday was the shit. First I went shopping at H&M (cluster. fuck.) and Urban and then my bf and I met up with our friend Clint to go eat at the EARL, which I got kicked out of (whoa! surprise!) because you can't even fucking EAT at that place after 9 if you're not 21. I think I'm going for some kind of record for the most 21+ places I can get kicked out of. I'm at 3 already. After that denial, we got some kind of lowbrow Mexican food and then headed back to Clint's house where everyone proceeded to get drunk and fairly stoned before we lit the fireworks I'd picked up from my trip to Tennessee. The first one was fucking badass, and went okay (read:no trees were lit on fire) but the second one was a beast. We noticed the rounds starting to get closer to us until one was literally right over our head. Has anyone ever been IN the fireworks before? All you could hear was me yelling "Holy Fuck!"

(Sidenote: I will be expecting a check from Holy F*ck for that brief free press. Thx. Lovely Allen!)

Resume: So after that we did some sparklers which were awesome and then we sat around in the driveway talking about things...uh, just miscellaneous things, really. I dunno, 2/4 of the group was stoned anyway. It was fun. I think.

I wonder if I'll ever turn 21. If, by some magic, I do, I'll dedicate my whole life to sneaking in under 21 kids into 21+ events, bars, and restaurants. Until I'm 23. And then I just gotta start hanging out with bitches my own age, right?

How was your weekend? College in GA starts in a week. I can't even take it. I'm still laughing at all those kids because I don't have to be in school until the 25th. So suck it Atlanta! V! I'm so stoked to see you out in LA!



Anonymous said...

dude, can you delete the comment below. I accidentally used my real last name instead of my writing name. Not that I care much but I don't want to be throwing that info around. Thanks doll!

Valentina said...

I know girl!! I'm so stoked to see you out there! Sundays are the worst day of the week ever. I used to sing in a Cathedral church choir so every sunday I'd have to drag myself out of bed at 7 in the morning when I was usually up till like 3 the night before.

Soo bored right now. Which is weird cause people have been inviting me to tons of shit, it just all happening NEXT weekend. Yay! Miss Viviane's column is up!! I'm gonna go read it right now.