Monday, August 11, 2008

Under 21 Ain't No Fun

This is a list of places in Atlanta that are really fun to go to, eat at, see awesome strippers, or just hang at:

*The Clermont Lounge
*The Local
The Astoria
The Pink Pony
Magic City
The Drunken Unicorn
The Star Bar
Swinging Richards
The Variety Playhouse

The ones that are starred are the places I've already gotten kicked out of. (The bolded ones are the places I can get into and have been in. They're okay) I'm going for some kind of record to get kicked out of the most 21+ places in Atlanta. It's good to have a goal, right? Honestly, it just bothers the shit out of me every time I get kicked out of places like this. Granted, I could get a fake ID (my LA cuzzes have the hookup), but it's like, first I get refused for not being 18, then I get refused for being 18. I can rent a car, but I can't stand in a bar? I stood outside of The Local and watched those bullshit drunks slurring their words and stumbling around on the patio and thought, "But I'm not even going to drink and I can't even sit inside?"

I dunno, blame it on the fact that I enjoy canoodling with those older than me. I mean, I have more friends in the 21-26 area than I do in the 16-18 arena, and everything's always copasetic until the drinks are brought up. And it doesn't help that every place in Atlanta is 21+ except for the hip places like the Drunken Unicorn, where the "cooler than thou" 18 and 19 year old hipsters go to pretend they're awesome and better than you. But ughhh! I still have three years before I'm looking at any of the perks my older compatriots stare in the face day in and day out.

Why do you have to be 18 to dance/get puked on/get sweaty/have someone grab your ass in the dark/stand for hours while listening to shitty music/do porn, but you have to be 21 to sit and enjoy a decent meal? What are people's thoughts on the great 21/18 debate?



MACK said...

Ahh. I agree, especially as I enter the torturous limbo that is the age 20. When you're 20, nobody wants you. All the 21 year olds suddenly act all pretentious like: "Ahh, you're 20? You're a baby!" I'm like...dude, you were born ONE YEAR before me. All the 18 & 19 year olds are still on that kick about being "GROWN", and have yet to discover that nobody is really "GROWN" until they can rent a car. In NY, that means 25. I've got a long way to go.

I think if you can go to War at 18, buy cancer sticks, drive and potentially injure others on the road, you should be able to at least sit in a bar. Especially if you're not even drinking. Let's move to Europe, where adulthood starts at 16.

Anonymous said...

I remember being underage. Going to the underage clubs, they sucked! Gotta get boozed up before you go in and by the time 1am rolls around you gotta go to the car to juice back up. No fun! Then when I was 19 I got a fake ID, got it yanked from me a month before I was 21 & it didn't bother me.

What I could suggest is coming to Canada. British Columbia especially. Beautiful city, beautiful boys, ketchup chips, cops don't trip on smoking reefer and OH the legal drinking age is 19 :p

Valentina said...

Fuck Europe, I'm moving to Canada! British Columbia sounds awesome.

Erika said...

Canada road trip! Yay!
Honestly, like even though I enjoy drinking, I'm not super set on getting faded to have a good time, since my best times are when I'm 100% sober. I just wish there were better 18+ places to go. Like why do cities get to say "You can start having some real fun when you turn a certain age?" Boo! At least I should be able to sit somewhere and have a sandwich. Gawd. Maybe a nacho. Something.

Valentina said...

I know E, I know. In some cities they're cool about it, but some are just intolerable. In Nashville they let me into all the bars. I asked a cop and he said that as long as the place served food I'd be allowed in. That's cool, why can't NYC be like that? I don't even want to drink at the clubs/bar like places I want to get into...why can't they just make more cool 18+ places for me to hang at?

Lolita Hazed said...

It's very ironic, it's true. Once you're 18, you're old enough to go to really dumb clubby places but still too young to even socialize in a place where you will likely not imbibe anything you don't have the opportunity to be carded for.
Because of this, Europe is so much freer, it's true. You can go into a bar without necessarily wanting to drink and they don't make you feel weird for your age. In the words of Anton Newcombe, it's hard to understand why kids drink and are called irresponsible when "fucking full-grown adults can't handle booze." And there are less accidents around Europe, I think-- kids don't have the temptation to drink as much when they're of age. It's amazing. My friends, my teacher and I went to several bars in Europe all the time and had a lot of fun-- you can't do that here.
Does Canada do the same thing? Road trip!

Anonymous said...

ok, the 18-19 year old hipsters are "cooler than thou?" It only gets worse when they turn 30, so be prepared. Somehow, (according to the Hipster Handbook at least) Atlanta wound up being one of the approved locations for hipsters to set up camp. Enjoy it while it lasts.