Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let The Right One In

Um, so seriously, this was the best movie I've seen all year. And I've seen a lot of good ones. Let The Right One In is a Swedish film about these two twelve year olds, Oskar and Eli. Oskar is super cute, super pale, and bullied by these chicken shit little boys at his school. And Eli is a vampire. Simple enough. Soon, Oskar's little town is ambushed by Eli's vampiring, and though they fall in love with each other, Oskar and Eli are forced to come to grips with Eli's midnight madness. Oskar loves her no matter what though, and the ending is beautiful, so I won't give it away. Plus there's gore, lil kid love, sewn up vaginas, some bleeding from the eyes, and a woman who gets attacked by CG cats and then catches on fire. The usual Swedish fare.

But really, this movie isn't about vampires, it's about love and everything you'll do for it. It's awesome, adorable, touching, and the countryside of Sweden is beyond beautiful. So find yourself an independent cinema house and see the movie already! Sure there are subtitles, but a little reading never did you any harm.



narrylikes said...

now i can't wait to watch this!
adding it to my list of must-see movies ;)

MACK said...

omigosh this looks amazing!!!!
now, to find a theater where i can see it.