Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lily Allen On Nylon's Dec/Jan 09 Cover

Thoughts? I personally think she looks like a white Rihanna. But Lily's always cute, so I can't say anything bad.



Valentina said...

Ohh, supercute! Finally NYLON has someone worthwhile on the cover. Is this on newstands yet? I must must must have it.

Dinah said...

The accuracy of the "white Rihanna" comment is so glaringly perfect, I have been blinded by its awesomeness. This issue better be good...Nylon has been sketchy lately.

lolitahazed said...

Thank God! It's about time NYLON brings cool chicks back to their covers. I agree with V-- normally I'm so not about NYLON but I want this. I too think that Lily Allen has staked 2009 in her territory.

Lily Allen >>> Rihanna

My ultimate pop heroine, no one beats her! I just find more and more respect for her with everything I read about her. Damn. I couldn't shut up about this woman's greatness if I tried.

MACK said...

i love lily but katy has my heart<3

narrylikes said...

first i thought she looks really cute... then the "white rihanna" comment and i'm like "ohmahgaaaawd yes!" i love rihanna and and i think lily looks adorable.