Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Don't Want To Have To Die All Over Again.

2009 is tonight. WTF. I really cannot comprehend it. Another year, done, finito, terminado. I don't have my dress just yet (I'm stopping by HM this afternoon) but I do have the heels (black suede stilettos, totally hot and awesome).

Due to my lack of transportation (I have no car and I live three miles away from the bus station, which is like 45 min walking) and my bf/ex-bf's lack of transpo and my mom's lack of caring, and my lack of friends, I might be sitting in a pretty dress and droolworthy heels alone in my living room, watching a Twilight Zone marathon and guzzling grape soda until I fall into a sugar coma, or fall asleep, whichever comes first.

Or I'll be out all night, making good use of my deodarant by dancing and partying and eating my way to a bigger pants size. I might collapse from exahustion on some stranger's couch with a streamer in my hair and red plastic cup in my hand.

I'm not sure. But what I am sure about is what I'll do next year. I won't settle. I've always settled because I didn't think I could have more. I thought, this is pretty much it. But in the car tonight, my mom told me, "I wish you knew that you deserved more."

I do. I really fucking do. And in 2009, I'm gonna get it.

Happy New Year's Eve ya'll. Take this year out in style and welcome the next one right.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That Dress.

So tomorrow is NYE and in case you didn't peep my Missb post, I'm gonna party my ass off! Por serio. Since Sam and I going to see Band of Horses didn't quite work out, we are going to party hardy! I'm totally gonna be congenial and lovable and charming and everyone's best friend. I already have my super comfy white heels, but I need a dress. The only one I have is too formal since it's a nice dinner dress. Of course, I went on to find a cheap cute party dress.

Now I am going to get supremely girly on you and ask you all to help me pick on out. It has to stand a good bit of wear & tear, plus be machine washable because I will probably get a medley of food and alcohol on it.
This one is adorable and awesome and I've always thought strapless dresses are good for parties because they're fun and flirty. Plus it's only 30.00.
I like this one because it's short and blue and covered in sequins and could possibly pass as a TopShop dress.
This dress seems practical and cute, plus I think I could wear it in the summer too, just with some sandals or flats. Multi-purpose!

So, 1,2, or 3? Thoughts???


Friday, December 26, 2008

The Recieving End Of Giving

how cute is this cupcake? created by kiwigirlsteph. totally put that to avoid copyright infringement like a motherfucker.

Well, love isn't ALL I got over Christmas. I also got gifts! What what! Among the awesomeness was my best gift ever...

A new laptop! It's adorable and fancy and small and new and a Toshiba! It's basically the arbiter of my happiness wrapped up in a two small hinge attached portable rectangles. I luh it! And it has Skype! Jump the fuck back! Plus the keys are sooooo smooth! Even as I type this, my fingers feel like ten little ice skaters gliding across beautiful glassy ice.

It's like poetry dudes.

And I got a pair of hi-top pink Converse! Holla fo a dolla! And Sam took fab note of what I wanted for Christmas and bought me shoes and perfume! 'Tis the season to be awesome. I got him a Steinski retrospective album, which is apparently mind-blowing and "perfect shower music" and, in if you go back far enough, he says, the reason why Girl Talk even exists! More profound than I bargained for, huh?

So, so, that I have finished covering the top of my laptop with stickers, I wanna know:

What did you guys get????


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas You Guys!

Hopefully you are happy wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whomever you're with. I sure am. And if not, there's always Jack Daniels and iPods, so take your pick.

For those of you coherent enough to understand these words, I'm going to leave you guys with one of the (very very few) Christmas songs I like, from one of the (many) movies I really don't care for, Love Actually. Yeah that's right, I don't think that movie is all that great.

Merry Christmas!

And remember, giving is only better than receiving when no one's naked!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Bye Again!

This morning I am leaving for Atlanta once again, only this time I'll be gone for a month. Things should get pretty interesting this time. Life lessons were learned, revelations were had; the year is slowly ending itself, and from what's happened so far, it seems like it'll only give way to a thousand awesome beginnings.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep updating things pretty frequently seeing as I'll be held hostage in my mom's home without a car (blegh, 25 to rent a car is so bullshit). I'm also excited because Sam and I are going to see Band of Horses on New Year's Eve and my gay bffl are going to party at all the gay clubs. And apparently there's a gay restaurant we're going to...just makes me wonder when Atlanta got so gay.

Anyways, I leave for the airport at 8:30 am, so I'm off to clean a little and then go to bed. I hope you guys have a fantastical Christmas break. I really do. And to totally segue, I would like to leave you guys with this video, of a song that's been in my head all day.

Sometimes I really want this song to play when I enter a room. I guess it is, in my head.

Goodnight world, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009. I Hope You Don't Suck.

So in the same vein as Lolita, I thought I would share my favorite albums of 2008. This was a weird year for music wasn't it? We saw the break-ups and disbandonments of the Teeth (this was actually really sad, because these guys are fucking fantastic), Be Your Own Pet (no one saw that coming), Wolfmother (I REALLY didn't see that coming!), and the Format (who?).

But even amongst all the turmoil, controversy, and post-apocalyptic themed releases from meaningful core bands (a - Coldplay, I am disappointed, b - I read far too much Hipster Runoff. Must stop following on Tumblr), we saw the emergence of some amazing albums, and bands for that matter, like the So So Glos, Little Joy, Friendly Fires, and Lackthereof, Menomena's side proyecto.

Anyways, here are my favorite albums from 2008:

15. Noot D’Noot Goofer Dust: I was pretty stoked about this release, especially after I saw them play at WRAS Fest [that's the concert WRAS 88.5 - the college station - held last year. Noot D'Noot and Janelle Monae played it, among other dope hip hop and punk bands. It was fucking awesome because it was only 7.00 a person and it went till 2 am] and then again at Record Store Day. So of course I jumped at the chance to buy it at their Whirlyball [it's a place where you can play whirlyball, which is like a combo of bumper cars and um, scoopyball, which makes no sense, but it would if you played it. Sometimes they have shows there and they're always awesome because it has a bar and pool tables and bathrooms!] show. It’s fucking awesome and trippy and badass. It goes perfect with, ahem, mind enhancements…uh, I mean tea and cookies.

14. Apes and Androids Blood Moon: It’s been a while since I’ve listened to an album where every song on it sounds completely different. That whole aspect keeps Blood Moon really fun and interesting, plus the lyrics are awesome. Who else would say “She’s got an ATM that doesn’t work but you can relax, she’s got cash!” “Golden Prize” is my favorite song. It always makes me want to put on a lot of sequins and spandex and dance in front of mirror. So, you know, it makes me want to be an American Apparel ad.

13. Beach House Devotion: There probably isn’t anything I could say about this album that hasn’t already been said. Perfectly crafted, beautiful, ethereal and effortless. I think if it was possible to live in the clouds, Beach House would be there.

12. Earlimart Hymn and Her: I started to get into Earlimart when they put out Tormentor but I forgot about them until Hymn and Her. I love how heavy the sound is, but at the same time, how light the sound is. It’s like…air whipped honey.

11. Boy Kill Boy Stars and the Sea: This album cost me a shit load (almost forty dollars to be exact) because the record industry tried to fuck American consumers over by not getting anyone in the States to distribute it so it was only available as an import. I fucking hope they can sleep well at night knowing they’re forcing music lovers to have to make a choice between music and food. Oh, and the album’s great; a lot more poppy than their ’06 release Civilian, but danceable and bright nonetheless. I just had to get that first part out there.

10. Vivian Girls Vivian Girls: The girl’s guide to muddled hipster punk.

9. Santogold Santogold: I really like this album, not because Santogold is a black woman challenging stereotypes and really making it in a “white” genre, but because it’s just good music with good messages and that’s what’s really important.

8. WHY? Alopecia: I fell in love with WHY? after I heard “The Hollows.” I played that song for hours on end and I was like, I have to get this record. So I did and it was totally worth it. Even though when you first listen to it, the words just sound like, well words that happen to rhyme, if you really focus and listen, you’ll find a lot of awesome little surprises. I ‘m pretty sure Alopecia will be the most slept on album this year.

7. Flowers Forever Flowers Forever: I like this album because there are a lot of horns and bouncy drums and even some organs! Yeah, even organs! I’m definitely going to be playing “Happy New Year” on New Year’s Eve. Oh and you should too. Flowers Forever is sort of like what would happen if The Black Lips went to Mexico and added Mariachi players and carnival workers. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

6. The Chapin Sisters Lake Bottom LP: I think of this album as what would happen if emo kids made folk music. Really though, these girls sing about being killed, falling out of love, and being generally super depressed. It’s a sad album, but there’s no denying that their voices and music are lovely, so I don’t mind being a little sadder after listening to them.

5. White Hinterland Phylactery Factory: LOVE this album. I used to just put it on in the car in the Spring and let it play all the way through. Casey Deniel’s voice is so light and breezy and the piano and drum accompaniment is really jazzy and smooth. When I listen to this album, I think of walking around barefoot in the Hamptons in the ‘20s wearing a white dress and a feather headband.

4. Dr. Dog Fate: First of all, I would like to point out that Dr. Dog has put an album out every year consecutively since 2005. That’s kind of amazing in my book. I think this is their richest album so far. I love how much their new songs remind me of albums they put out years ago yet still sound brand new. But I can’t actually listen to “Army of Ancients” because it makes me cry. Yeah. Go ahead and laugh. Once I went into Barnes and Noble and they were tracking through the album and I heard that song and started crying in the middle of the magazine section. Sad.

3. King Khan and the Shrines The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines: I was a fan of these guys since 2007 when What Is?! came out, but really this album is phenomenal. It’s so fucking…groovy. And that ain’t a word I use lightly. It’s definitely perfect for listening to at the beach.

2. The Dodos Visiter: After I heard “Fools” on 88.5 [the GA State college station] earlier this year, I knew I was going to really like these guys. And what do you know? I did! Their rhythms are innovative, their voices are pure and smooth, and their lyrics are wonderful. My favorite song on Visiter is “Ashley.” It reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what it is.

1. M83 Saturdays = Youth: This was an album that took me a little while to warm up to. After listening to it a couple of times, it definitely grew on me. Plus I would completely wear every outfit on the album cover. Really, every song on that album is so beautiful and gauzy. Totally makes me feel like I’m wearing short shorts and running around in a field of daisies holding sparklers in 1983 while the sun is setting. But that’s just me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Have No Portfolio And I Only Show Where There's Free Alcohol

Awww, old CSS, miss U <3.

Anyways, since I'm pretty sure there's nothing in life I'm supremely good at, for comfort I've turned to one of my few loves in this world: collages. I love collaging, and have loved it since freshman year of high school when I made a collage to go on my binder. I did it every year of high school and people always took a completely unexpected interest in them. I never understood why, but um, whatevs.

Since then I've taken to collaging everything. I've collaged my tabletop, my wallet, and even had my old lighter collaged, but someone broke that when we were trying to open beer bottles on the night of my going-away party.

Old lighter, miss u <3.

And tonight I have proudly finished my biggest collage to date! I took an old bulletin board, went to work on it, and I have to say, it's pretty fucking amazing. It's totally an awesome mix of punk rock, feminism, tongue-in-cheek, retro, and bohemian chic. It's totally going to be someone special's Christmas present...

I think I might go into this, as like, a profession. Or maybe just a means of paying my way through school. Maybe I'll roll like Jewels and get paid for my art/hobbies so I never have to get a job! Actually, that sounds perfect. See you guys at The Smell!


Friday, December 19, 2008

OMG X 4 Pt 2

So that sale over at KLoop is hella fierce. Like you guys have to get over there and get on that sale. I really saved over 54 dollars with GLOW! Anyway, this is what I ordered. Will be getting Tuesday!!! I hope.

The IM King tee is a dude's shirt, but I just ordered a small because dudes shouldn't get to have ALL the fun! Actually, this is a question I've often asked people: why do chicks shirts have to say "My boyfriend's out of town" or "Yes, but not with you" or "I just stole your boyfriend!" but dudes get cool graphics on their shirts? WTF is up with that?

Okay that's it. Yay! All of this for only $62.42! Get it girls!



Dudez, guess what I just got?! A text from Karmaloop!


Use the code: GLOW

Or use the above code for 40% off the ENTIRE MOFO'ING ORDER!

ZOMG people! It's the biggest fucking sale Karmaloop history! Dooooo it!!!! WE CAN FINALLY AFFORD MOB AND P.O.P AND HELLZ BELLZ!!!!!!


I just got a MOB tee, Hellz Bellz tee, Obey tee and IM King tee all for only 62.42! I saved over 54 dollars ya'll!

Holla fo a dolla!


Yo Dawg I Herd You Liked Memes So I Put A Meme In Your Meme So U Can Blog While U Blog

I have finally discovered the Xzibit meme. If you are not big on Tumblr, chances are you will have never seen this, but I happened to stumble on this glory awhile back, and decided to look into it. From that point on, I found nothing but treasure. No one is really sure who exactly started it, but people have been DIY-ing this shit ever since the first one popped up. This is the best meme in history.

The Xzibit meme wins 2008!

Head over to my Tumblr for the other awesomeness you probably missed.

2009 memes have big internet shoes to fill!

Oh god, I sound like Hipster Runoff.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sassy Senoritas Eating Juevos And Gorditas

So some of you guys (V, Sarah, and Alex) might have noticed something pop up in your inbox this morning. That's because I made a new blog! It's called Brooklyn Prom Queen and it's super special because it's just for you guys! By you guys, once again I mean V, Sarah, and Alex. On it we can discuss awesomesauce music, kickass books, movies, and other badass magazines and publications that we like as well as White Rice!

It's basically the blawg Messiah. Oh yeah, so back to your inboxes (what a fucked up plural!), I sent you guys emails so the four of us can all write whatever we want whenever we want!

Brooklyn Prom Queens unite!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I...Don't Even Have Words

What the fuck is this? I was Googling something completely un-Elmo related when I stumbled onto this picture. All I know is this would have scared me shitless when I was like 5 or 6. I can't even bear to look at it for an extended period of time. *shudders*


Small Town Girls With Small Town Realities

So it's nothing new that I left Atlanta to come to La La Land for school and life. Blah blah blah. But I was on Myspace - the dreaded enabler of cyber-bullies, child predators, shitty bands, and self indulgent emo kids - recently and I saw something that messed with my head a little. So anyone who's still using Myspace nowadays has noticed how it suddenly has this shitty Facebook-esque feature called People You May Know in which they display the profiles of people in your area/who listed the same school as you/whatever.

The scariest thing is the fact that I recognize half these "people I may know" because they went to my high school. Ugh. I hated HS because the people there were narrowminded, judgmental, cliche, and boring. No one got me. No one tried to. I was that one alt fish in a sea of mainstreamers. Anyways, the fucked up thing isn't the fact that those stupid kids are suddenly popping up again, the crazy thing is the fact that they haven't left their homes.

I went to HS in a retarded backwards area called Duluth, in North Atlanta. It shares its name with Duluth, Minnesota because the rail line runs through both of them. Ugh. It was a stupid place. It was suburban hell. Basically I spent any and all my time downtown or in the East, where people didn't judge and everyone was cool.

When I was a senior and I told people I was moving to CA, they would always get wide-eyed and say, "That's so far!" In a ridic semi-Southern accent, natch. But basically everyone funneled into three schools: Univ of GA, GA Tech, or GA State. Anything besides that was unheard of, and actually moving downtown to attend said schools was equally rare.

So what I am trying to say, in what seems as drawn out and muddled a way possible, is that leaving behind that security was the best thing for me. What if I had stayed there? I could still be living with my mom in the suburban pit o' doom. Take my old HS friend for instance. Homegirl is 19 and she lives with her mom and takes the train downtown because she's too afraid to drive on the highway.

Chances are, I wouldn't have ended up like that because I am so independent and urban. But it's scary to think that if I had stayed there, I might have.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Fuck It, I'm Gonna Have A Party!

I'm at that point where you are so upset/frustrated/hurt/tired that you start laughing. You know, like when you hurt yourself but all you can do is cry...then starting laughing? So I am just gonna say fuck it, I have no boyfriend anymore, no job, no money, I keep getting cuts on my hands from god knows what, and all my clothes are in various stacks on the floor because I have been putting off building this goddamn IKEA dresser, but so what? Fuck it!

I'm gonna party myself silly! Fuck responsibilities, fuck the "real world", fuck heartache! All I need is some Spice Girls and eyeliner! I'm gonna have so much'll have a lot of fun!

I'll party like it's 1987 and I'm as cool as Lisa Turtle! (I always wanted to be her...if acid wash denim sets were back in style I would so rock one, scrunchie, Reeboks and all!)

Sometimes you just have to say fuck it! This is one of those times! Now direct yourself to the Nada Surf video below. Thank you!


Monday, December 15, 2008


I have been dying to get a tattoo. I was supposed to get one for my birthday, but I didn't have enough money since any checks I got had to go to buying books and food. Ugh. I still want to get a pin-up girl on my leg and a Fafi girl somewhere (maybe my shoulder or upper back - basically I'm trying to stay away from any body areas where I may already be fat/have potential to get fat. But I'm also super obsessed with the Virgin of Guadalupe (I weird interest in Catholic religious symbols and saints) and luckily enough, I live in LA which means just about every single tat parlor has someone who does the Virgin and does her well.

Okay that sounded super disrespectful and gnarly. Moving on, I just don't know where I would put her. I really want something on my forearm but that's kinda tricky unless you work in a super fun liberal awesome work environment that doesn't get shirty about those things. Espesh since I don't have a job right now.

I just really want to put the Virgin somewhere I could see her, so I could be reminded of her awesomeness all the time. Maybe my upper arm? That just seems so cliche. (Haha, like getting a tat of the Virgin is not)

Meh, I need help. I just don't know what to do! Ladiessss!

"Boooyahh! The Baby Is Black!"

So I got my cable transferred from my old apt to my new fab apt and because of that, the cable dudes gave me free Showtime for a year. I was not about to argue with something that awesome. Sooo...with my newfound Showtime-iness, I decided to pretend I was like 3728973281 thousand other Americans and tuned in for the Californication season finale.

Now, I've never seen a single episode, so all I knew was there was a goth girl and the big Duchov was a sex addict in the real world. These things became irrelevant, however, because the recap took care of everything I did not know beforehand.

So the show. It made no sense to me. I don't understand how people tuned in for a season of this. I was pleasantly suprised when the preggers chick had a black baby and then Duchov started dancing around.

And someone please explain to me if Hank has a wife? I can't tell, because he is getting frisky with girls all over the place. I am sort of confused. And whose child is the goth girl? And why is he writing a book on a typewriter? And why is he writing a book? And how were people fucking with their clothes on? And...? And...?!

Thus I deem Californication the most confusing and Los Angelian show on Showtime.

WTF to infinity.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

JEWELS Makes Tees!

Duh, it only makes sense that everyone's favorite Staten Islander would somehow find a way to infiltrate all points of street fashion and awesome them up! First she made bags...then pins...she even sent me some homegirl makes shirts! Since I know most of you girls are East Coast for life, you kinda have to go buy one of these badass tees. Wear it to school, or work, or to the bodega, or while you're sitting in your fire escape (I want to live in a building with a fire escape so bahyuddd!), wherever. Just wear it! It's cheaper than other streetwear and by buying one you're supporting an independent business and that's important. Plus we ladies gotta help us ladies.
Lord knows the boys won't. Find your favorite tee at The Bubblegum Pony*s Shop. Get it girls!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

"The Only Time People In LA Are Nice To Me Is When They're On Drugs!" And What Else Happened at Bright Lights

If anyone remembers, or chooses to, or doesn't give a shit (I still love you), V and I went to the Bright Lights Fashion Show at the Regent/Safari Sam's downtown last Wednesday. Holy complicated run-on sentence Batman.

Due to some personal confusion (on my personal part), we got there two hours before it actually started. Because of this, I suggested we make a Hipster Bingo card. It was sweet. And we got to see Mossy Stone play. They were really good. I liked them a lot and the guy we deemed the Alt/Xavier hipster played in it. We found that to be pretty alt of him.

Then there was this girl, who was not only totally Missbehave, but a model and from afar, V thought she looked like Sarah Morrison. We then assessed that that was because she was hanging around the DJ booth. But she was badass. On the runway, homegirl started break dancing!

I forgot to mention, the DJ was kinda not good. Like sort of too into his music to think about what he was playing. V drew a line chart describing this phenomenon. It kinda went like this:

Sorry guy. Better luck next time?

Then Ellei J came by and took our pictures. She asked me if I was going to blog about this. I said, excitedly, "Yes!" I looked like I was on X (-stacy, not -anax):

Here's V. I think I can put her picture up. It might be creepy/illegal since I didn't ask her first. Oh well, I love lawsuits!

And there was actual fashion too! Once the show started, things got better. Kaviar & Cigarettes was my favorite line that night. I mean, how cute are cigarette earrings? We found our favorite Alt Model (we, btw, used the word "alt" about 2438984038 times that night. We described everything with it. By probably misusing the word to an extreme level, we were pretty alt.), then there was this guy (when he came out I screamed, Is that Steve Aoki?!) and then an X-ed up guy gave us a hug on the street corner.

I said, "The only time people in LA are nice to me is when they're on drugs!"

Then the dudes from Saint Motel caught us walking away from the Regent/Safari Sam's/building and talked to us. Um, yeah, I'm not at liberty to disclose anything that followed. Because it was weird and creepy and it's best if only V and I know what happened.

Finally, after trying to find the alt model, and failing, we went to Pinkberry. Not really. I was trying to convince V to hit the strip club, but she said the club was sketchy on a Wednesday night. I countered by saying, "No, that's when they bring out their A game!"


Friday, December 12, 2008

I Feel Like He Could Inherit The Hipster Runoff Throne One Day...

Sergio is the most awesome guy on the planet. The whole one. I want to run into him at some seedy ass bar concert in Brooklyn and then ask him what he thinks, everything. And then I'll buy him a few too many drinks, take him to my walk-up in Spanish Harlem, and force him to blog for me and sign my name at the bottom.

In between we'll perhaps play Yahtzee and watch TV shows on DVRs and do the robot to shitty DJ music.


My Life Can Be Summed Up In Yellow Lights

So, so very close, but never quite there. Gawd...I need a drink. A serious one. I need motivation. I need stability, dependability, practicality...I need to have fun. Even the strongest people have rocks of their own...why do mine keep crumbling? I'm looking for metaphors in everything. I feel ridiculous 99.9% of the time. The other .1% of the time I feel anxious. I'm getting out of bed only to spend my day mentally asleep. I stay busy doing nothing. I make plans that don't follow through so I can have things to look forward to, even if they're disappointments.

I keep cutting my parachute line before I jump. I keep looking for the sun in broad daylight. I keep passing the time by counting the seconds. I keep getting sucked in and consciously making the same mistakes because I hope for a different outcome each time. But that's insanity, right?



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Is Lily!

It's been a long year for Miss Allen, but things are looking up! Life is looking up! New song, new old look, and finally...NEW RECORD!

Here it is in all its glory you guyz. It's Not Me, It's You:

Oh, and there's supposed to be a tour, I think? Can't wait! It's Not Me, It's You drops Feb 10. Be ready!


I Definitely Didn't Know About This

While perusing the once great, now hollowed shell of musical existence that is Subterranean, I stumbled on this video in their Top 25 Videos of 2008 list. It came in at #16.

I personally have an extreme and memory-rich love of Dr. Dog. I got into them back when We All Belong first came out in '07, and then started digging and basically just fell in love with the whole catalog. My bf knew a little about them and with my obsession with them, he probably got more Dr. Dog in his life than he could handle. I have so many memories and feelings (both happy and sad) attached to Dr. Dog's music that I can't listen to a single song anymore without crying. In fact, I'm starting to tear up just listening to "Ain't It Strange" in my head. It's a bummer though, because I love Dr. Dog and put at least two songs on all my playlists.

Anyways, it would seem they made a video to "Alaska," which happens to be one of the best songs on their '07 release. I remember when my bf and I were driving to the park from dinner at night and we were driving through downtown ATL and I said, "Wait, let me put on some city night driving music," and I put this song on. All the lights...and this song...and then my bf put his hand on mine and we just looked at each other and no one said a was perfect.

Oh shit. Since I'm getting all teary again, let me just play the damn video. The concept is cool too. It reminds me of the video for "Mountains" by the Spinto Band, or "Who's There?" by Cavil at Rest (but only very loosely). Anyway, watch it, love it, live it. DDFL.


Monday, December 8, 2008

"And There Isn't A Single Clock In Los Angeles?" And Other Reasons Why Everybody's Life Recaps Sound Like Sarah Morrison's Best Week Ever

Recently, my phone has started acting up. By acting up, I mean just literally cutting the fuck off right in the middle of texting, conversations, and in general. For some reason, this defectiveness has affected my phone's clock, which is somehow behind an hour or 15 minutes. Confused, I called my mom and asked her the time. She told me she was busy, talked to me, then asked me why I called. I told her it was to see what time it was. I explained my phone's brokenness. She said, "Are you telling me there isn't a single clock in Los Angeles?"

I was at the Simi Valley Town Center in gross boring Simi Valley, looking for Urban. I texted my mom, "This place is boring and quiet. You would like it. Except I think I'm the only black person here."

My mom called me and told me that there wouldn't be heat or hot water in the townhouse I'm moving into until Monday. She then asked if I wanted to stay in the apt I currently live in for another week. I told her, "I will heat my bath water in the microwave before I stay in this apt!"

After math class, some kids and I were talking while having some American Spirits. Somehow the topic of porn came up. They shared their respective favorite porn sites and laughed when they realized they were the same. One kid looked at me and said, "Erika, do you watch porn?" I shrugged and said, "Yeah, when I have nothing better to do."

My mom called me and told me about how she had to take my dog Frizzy to the vet for some bumps on her back. Apparently, the vet said it was due to Frizzy being allergic to her own environment. I said, "That's ridiculous! The next thing you know, they'll diagnose her with Fibromyalgia!"

My roommate had a large group of friends over. This girl came to the door telling us about some break-from-study party she and some people were throwing involving food, drinks, and free hand massages. I went to tell my roommate and company. At the end I said, "I guess she'll see ya'll there." Upon leaving, I heard one girl say, "Ya'll?" and another say, "That's Atlanta." Then they laughed. I texted my bf, saying, "Why do they have to make fun of me for saying ya'll? I don't make fun of them for saying hella!" He replied, "That's because you say that too."


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Erika's Top Ten Movies of 2008

It's been a loooong year for la cinema, no? Somehow, through all the shit-tastic films that have weedled their way into the theatres, some really fantastic movies have been put out this year. Here are my favorites. Click on SEE to be taken to each trailer and the movie name to see my personal (and awesome) review of said pelicula!

And of course, feel free to add your faves and opinions below!

10. Wanted (loves me some James McAvoy!) SEE
9. Lower Learning SEE
8. A Girl Cut In Two SEE
7.A Christmas Tale SEE
6. Repo! The Genetic Opera SEE
5. Happy-Go-Lucky SEE
4. Let The Right One In SEE
3. Filth & Wisdom SEE
2. Batman: The Dark Knight SEE
1. Synecdoche New York SEE

Yay movies! I'm looking forward to many, many more amazing ones. And maybe not by myself! Hope!


Thanks Guys!

Thanks to everyone who gave me their opinions on my last post! I can now have my English paper finished up by this afternoon (after I go to Urban Outfitters, and 7-11, and the grocery store and Target...okay so I may never stop procrastinating...).

Anyway, I just took down the previous post because I didn't want people randomly answering two weeks from thanks again you guys! I mean it!

I couldn't have passed my English class without you! E-hugs!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Want To Start A Community Thrift Store!

This is pretty fucking cool! Current TV never ceases to amaze me with its awesome programs. The one trend I've been noticing with these kinds of things is that the communities that people are fixing up and developing are usually some of the poorest in the city. I think that's what makes it easier, because these communities tend to be tight knit and open for help and change. That's probably why the Echo Park and Silverlake neighborhoods are more community-oriented. Because believe it or not, those areas (despite the expensive shopping) are lower socioeconomic areas.It seems like it would be a little discouraging to try to do things in more well-off neighborhoods because people have the capabilities and money to help themselves.

But my little thoughts on life aside, this is still pretty awesome and totally supports my wanting to move to Philly completely. I totally wish I could run a community thrift store. Minus the Christiness, the little bearded hipsters are so me!

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
--- Mahatma Gandhi


Friday, December 5, 2008

Look What I Got!

Dude I really wish Karmaloop gave out gift certificates or membership cards, because I buy like everything from that website. Por serio. In our latest installment of Things I Bought From Karmaloop, today I found these waiting for me in my mailbox. Booyah!

This Richard Nixon shirt is my favorite. In my American History class in high school my friend and I had this weird inside joke about Nixon. Everytime something confused us we'd say, this is one "Tricky Dick!" Thus this shirt pays homage to that retardedness. I am so stoked to wear it to that fashion show on Wed. Plus e.5 charlie is like my new favorite brand because it's actually affordable.

Oh and does anyone remember these glasses? Well I got those too. And they are badass but the pictures I tried to take of me in them are not, so I'm going to spare you those.

Loves me some Karmaloop!


I Really Love Current TV

Like Logo and the Lifetime Real Women's Network, I had no idea this channel existed until we got cable with an expanded package (aka fancy cable). I watched it once, when I was flipping channels and happened to stop on it. On was this guy who was learning how to skateboard and roaming around NYC talking to lil NYC boarders. I found it at once endearing and educational, interesting and informative.

Thus my love for Current TV began. This channel is amazing. The fact that it laces set programming with viewer created content and amazing documentaries is so fucking revolutionary. What's also is how most programs are only 15 to 20 minutes long, so if something isn't fun to watch, you don't have to watch it for long! Just wait! In ten minutes, another show will come on!

In between the cool shows, they feature current events that are sent in by viewers and users of, basically allowing for the viewers of the channel to create the news they see as well as share their thoughts on said news. It's completely amazing.

Did I say how much I loved this channel? I've been watching it ALLZ the time, and getting smarter by the minute! Just yesterday I watched a Lisa Ling documentary on LA gang violence and tonight I'm watching a documentary about Japanese clubs that hire North American girls to be hostesses! It's sofa king fascinating!

Oh and plus they play Radiohead's "Reckoner" between shows. Um awesome. When I'm a famous journalist I want to work for Current TV. I want my own show where I talk about music. It'll be called The Week That Was.

Probs not.


Thursday, December 4, 2008


Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! Lily is for realz back! I am so stoked on this new album. I don't even have words for this. You see how the title is in all caps?! It's like I'm screaming!!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Loves me some Lily Allen! And this song is sooo good. And it's good to see her with long hair again. And I love Lily Allen and this song.

And that is all.


Hawt Or Nawt?

Dear gawd these shoes border on completely ugly and slightly extremely garish. But, they have this total 1990's Clueless Cher Horowitz feel to them. I really have no fucking idea when, where, or how I would wear these babies, but I somehow feel like I need them in my closet. Plus I could take out the current ribbon and replace it with whatever ribbon went with my outfit. Options?


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spear Hunters, Rainbow Feathers, And Spirit Killers

Man, I would love to have a band called that. I think I'll just start bands to name them. We'll have one badass song and then disband. That would be so punk rock.

So I'm standing in my room, putting away my notebook and my roommate's friend Cindy is in there, using my roommate's laptop like always. I say hi and she asks me about my portfolio. (For our English 155 class we have to put together an end of semester portfolio filled with the essays we've written this semester.)

She asks me if I find that class hard and I say no. Boring? Yes. I have an extreme aversion to expository writing; it is more than obvious, I'm sure, that I prefer the more elaborate, richer storytelling side of writing. But hard? Nah.

Cindy then tells me that she really hates that class because her professor is so critical of her writing. She says that she has always had people tell her they liked her writing, and she has always gotten A's on her assignments. But this one professor thinks her writing is "complicated."

I tell her she can't let one person's opinion become fact. She says she doesn't want to major in Psychology anymore, and that she wanted to major in Journalism like me, but has lost her love of writing from taking this class. She says she dreads it now.

It makes me sad to hear things like this, because I can actually relate. In 10th grade, I had a teacher who would never give me more than a C on any paper I turned in, then once told me I was a good writer. I was like, WTF woman? Give me a fucking A then!

But I know I'm a fucking good writer. It just proves that you can't let one person stop you from doing what you want and love. I told Cindy she couldn't let it get to her because she'll be facing that all her life and if she let's it bother her, she'll just be sad and depressed.

Can you fucking believe it? I'm giving out goddamn life lessons now. Who would have ever thought...

But it's true. I remember when I was the Features Editor for my HS newspaper (hell yeah, I wrote the album and movie reviews AND won an award for my review of Justice's + thank you!) and I had to do news writing. I hated it. So very much. But instead of saying, "That's it, I never want to write again," I just said, "I'll never write on a newspaper again. But I'll keep writing."

You guys, never let anyone come between you and your dreams, desires, hopes, wants, loves, lusts, passions, whatever. Just remember: one person having a fucked up opinion does NOT make it fact.


Once Upon A Time I Was A Nerd

Okay, I still have a little bit of nerd girl in me. Not gonna lie. But I was reminded of this deeply suppressed nerdiness when I was listening to my Zune in the car today. See? I have a Zune. I'm like an alt nerd.

Anyway, it was on shuffle and things were chill until "Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn" came on. I haven't listened to Hellogoodbye in like two years. And crazily, I remembered all the lyrics. Like they just came pouring out of me like a foreign language in cadence with the music. It brought back flashbacks of me spending forever on the Drive Thru Records website trying to find a cheap Hellogoodbye tee (ahhh to no avail), and putting "Jesse Buy Nothing... Go to Prom Anyways" on repeat, and then practically frothing at the mouth when I heard there would be a second album. I remember pre-ordering that shit a day late, so I actually got my record the day AFTER it dropped in stores, but getting a color by numbers-style black velvet poster with it. I would campaign for HGB and constantly try to propogate their superiority over other pop/punk bands at the time. I felt my heart drop when I saw their video on MTV, and I almost got into a car wreck dancing to "Touch Down Turnaround."

It was kinda sad, in retrospect. I just wanted to hang out with guys who were nerdy and awesome like that. I wanted to go to Huntington Beach and chill with them, playing trivia at Mexican restaurants and TP-ing people's cars and other stupidly fun things. Like I said, it was sad.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Because You And I Both Know How It Feels To Have Clothes We Don't Wear

This book is gawd. No. Seriously. Oh, what's it about? I am so very glad you asked.

Basically, everyone loves vintage. If you don't, you're probably like fourteen and just don't have an appreciation for it yet. But don't worry, in time it will come. Anyways, all of us vintage shopaholics know how it feels when you spend a whole day combing a vintage store, running back and forth from the dressing room to the racks, diving headfirst into piles, trying to force your feet into authentic Chanel flats three sizes too small - only to take home your things and realize they're just not right. The hem is fucked up, the skirt is too long, you're not exactly a fan of a good old fashioned mutton sleeve...whatever. In any case, you find yourself regretting your purchase and wishing you had that 17.38 back in your wallet. Maybe you can use that checkered micro mini as a pillowcase?

Have no fear! Bridget Artise and Jen Karetnick have put together the most amazing book in history. They show you how to rework and reconstruct all your vintage finds and transform them into even more amazing pieces of clothing. I'm going to buy this book as soon as it drops on December 9.

Consider yourself sold.


Comics Are Cartoons For Adults

I am so tired. Just tired. Je suis fatigue. I'm hungry and suddenly find myself wondering what ever happened to Joss Stone.

Anyways, this morning was volunteering at Glenwood Elem School. In case you didn't know (which you definitely probably didn't), I volunteer a few hours every week at Glenwood ES in Sun Valley, a small, low income city in the San Fernando Valley. It's pretty easy to miss; the exit for it is right off the 5 frwy, on the way to LA. Almost the entire population is Latino; I think there's only one non-Latino in that whole school that I've seen, and he's black.

My class, room 11, is awesome. The kids are bouncy and loud and remind me of 2nd grade, when you didn't want to listen to any adults and all you wanted was the other girls' approval. Today, I had to help out a little girl named Daniela, who can speak English fine but has trouble writing it. Like serio trouble. The class was writing Santa letters and she needed help.

I said, "What do you want for Christmas?"

She said, "I want the Hannah Montana."

"Hannah Montana everything?"


*Sigh* "Okay, let's tell Santa that."

It got to the point where I was so exhausted that I had to tell her which letter to write. I would make the sound and she wouldn't know the letter so I had to get crafty. A was the house letter, O was the circle letter, h was the chair letter, N was the little mountain letter, and M was the big mountain letter. It took us 45 minutes to write eight sentences. I was so tired after that that my volunteering for the day was done, son.

Speaking of done, my religious studies class will be offish over in two weeks. Holla! No one ever take that class, okay? To further illustrate (literally) that point, I am going to show you what I do in that class. Uh, I mean besides sleep and skip.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Hell Fucking Yeah

V, are you thinking what I'm thinking? We need to head back up to Santa Monica for this one.

"Chik-Fil-A Doesn't Exist Here" And All The Other Reasons Living In More Than One City Is Confusing

I took this picture while driving around. I had time to kill so I just drove and drove and drove through three counties. Funnily enough, I don't even remember in what county this picture was taken.

So I have been feeling really out of place here in LA. I haven't found anything that just makes me feel like I belong here. Not yet anyways. I think I want to leave, and then come back. I also think I want to go to New York. There's no denying how amazing it is. What I love is how you can live your own life and yet stay connected to the city simultaneously. It's such a living, breathing city. You can tell when its sad, or happy. You can feel it when New York holds its breath, and you can let out a sigh of relief when it does.

Anyways, totally NY unrelated, I have also been seriously thinking of going back to Atlanta. I will admit it has gotten a little bit funner (although the vast amounts of fun are still reserved for those 21+), I still feel like I should stay in LA a little longer. That is one of the things I love about LA. Not only are there OODLES of things to do for the under-car-renting-age crowd, but it's all right there, in your face. In Atlanta, you have to dig deep and seek out the fun. It takes time and patience, but then again, those aren't as popular in LA as they are in the South. Which brings me to something else. The South is sloooowww. LA is FAST! Move fast, live fast, meet people fast, do things fast, fast food, fast women, fast money, fast everything. ATL is slow cooked, slow churned, strolling along, hard work, perseverance, patience, blah blah and so forth. I don't know if I can handle that.

But I have been looking at apts in Atlanta and I could save a ton of money by moving back there. We're talking 800 for a studio apt to 675 for a one bedroom. With a washer/dryer in it!

A part of me feels like if you go to LA, you should be ready for it. You have to be prepared to fully open your arms and your mind to everything it has to offer, or else you'll be sad, disappointed, and lonely. Only now am I ready to immerse myself in LA, and funnily enough, I'm not really ready at all.

So Alex, if you do want to write that book about me, don't do it in pen, because you'll probably get tired of scratching things out over and over again.


My Christmas Wishlist Addendum

I have this weird love/hate relationship with Urban Outfitters. I love their clothing, I hate the prices. Sometimes I really do. I don't see why I should have to pay 68.00 for this zipper front skirt. It's just a piece of cloth with an exposed zipper going down it. Oh well. I succumb anyways.

And I thought I was totally done with my Christmas Wishlist and fully free of UO's iron consumer grip, until they had this.

What you do is pick a type of person and they show you all the items someone like that would like as gifts. For myself I picked THE ROMANTIC, and totally fell in love with all the j'adorable things. Things like this:
Tuxedo dress? Do want.
Silk flower headwrap? Yes pls.

And then for my bf I went to THE STARVING ARTIST and found all sorts of neat things he would like, if he were a starving hipster artist.

Anyway, it's basically awesome and I kinda love it, so UO, consider me once more amongst your loyal legion of fangirls. Now please build a UO in Northridge so I don't have to go so far anymore. Grazie.


"And That's A Job Well Done!" And Other Reasons Why The Holidays Can Be Fun

So now that the doom and gloom of my previous post is over, let's talk about something funner, like how I spent my Thksgvng Brk. Yeah. It really does look cooler spelled that way.

I got in really late on Wednesday night to find my awesome sauce bf waiting for me in my old bedroom with flowers. Total "awwww!!" moment. Then Thksgvng day I got to sleep in till 1:00 pm, when I was awoken by my bf jumping on my bed. It's moments like that that make you forget anything bad that's ever happened to you, if only for that second.

After Turkey Day, which was hella boring and included us watching The Invasion, which no one but my mom and I found hilario, my bf and my mom went off to pick up a rental car. To properly illustrate how that turned out, let me provide you with an equation:


Just kidding. Not really. That is an exaggeration, but I did hold my breath a few times. And since he was driving, my bf got to control el radio, but that wasn't so bad because we listened to the CDs I burned him, and then (after much begging and asking) he let me listen to my Spice Girls album. Holla!! (and i'm totally not supposed to say anything, but he did dance to some of it)

So Friday was awesomesauce. We hung out with my bf's roommate April (who is awwweeesommmeee) for a bit. Her cat is pimp too. We sat in her apt, listening to records and eating some of her awesome "space cookies."

Let me just interject here that I am MUCH MUCH MUCH more fun when I have a substance in me. Just saying.

So then we went to a bar and then I got kicked out and then we went to another bar and then I had a beer! So you know, back to that whole win some, lose some philosophy. It turns out it was some guy's 30th bday and so everyone was dancing drunkenly and one seemingly coked up guy was jumping around. To emphasize this awesomeness, I proceeded to list some of the things you can't do while on cocaine. And then, since everyone was in the party mood, our waitress came to our table and looked at me and said,

"Do you want a beer?"

In the words of Sweet Dee: Boom. She was nice enough to pour me a small glass and then didn't even put it on the tab! And I got to drink Sweetwater, which is fantastic and totally snobby beer because it's a microbrew and owns all other beers in existence.

Then on Saturday my bf and I went to his apt and made the BOMBEST tomato soup everz. Por serio. Then we made garlic cheese bread and potatoes. We are perhaps the best cooking tag team since Chico & The man.

Alright...I know that was irrelevant but I NEVER get to make Chico & The Man references. Bear with me. Kthx.

Then we watched Idlewild, which was weird, but not bad and then we killed time for two hours and got back to my mom's house a little after 3.

So,uh, it's safe to say my ho-liday was And you know what? So is my relationship. To quote a Pheonix album title, "It's never been like that." We talked and laughed and I got to punch him again and we communicated and it was gorgeous.

And then you know what my bf told me? He said I could "make love with words." That's fucking badass. I think I'm going to put that on my business card:


Oh and while we were in the kitchen making that soup, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, but I totally made him stand up because I didn't want the gesture wasted. Pfft! Boys.