Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Hard Or Go Home. I Haven't Been Home Since Birth

(did i mention i love unicorns? no? oh, well i do.)

Ughhh. I wish I could emit an audible sigh over the internet. No wait, nevermind. That kind of sounds like I want to fart over the internet. I don't btw. So you know. But I'm just a little sad. Sarah and Olivia are gone and I really miss them. It was nice to come home to someone saying "hey." And it was nice not to watch TV alone. And to hang out with people who didn't make fun of me or get irritated at me for literally parking myself in front of my laptop and not moving. And I'm gonna miss those Sundays when Sarah would be hungover and drag her pillow and blanket into the living room and sleep the whole day and then wake up at like 8:30pm and just start watching TV and eating. And Olivia's cooking, because it was amazing and she was super nice about the mac & cheese I made (even though I thought it was gross) and she taught me how to eat an artichoke, which tastes weirdgood and requires butter so you know I'm down.

Basically without them here it's just empty silence. I shout at the TV during Tyra and no one laughs. I buy cupcakes and no one goes "Yay!" When I come downstairs no one's fallen alseep in front of the TV. There are no five cheese pizzas in the freezer and no backpack full of cooking supplies in the pantry.

Plus I have been having a few issues in my personal life. Basically, to say I'm ready to get back into dating would be an understatement. Like, soon, really. Throwing all my energy into those skateboarders I see outside in between class isn't doing me any good. Then again, staring them down until they look at me and then looking away probably isn't the best way to go about it.

In any case, I'm fucking tired of being a doormat and a pussy. It's just a bummer that I'm so good at it.



Kayta Hackman said...

Unicorns are awesome.

I heard a good saying the other day - "It's easy to do it, but it's easier to NOT do it."

Dating is fickle. So are boys. Skaters are not worth the fuss either, trust me. This is coming from someone who has messed around with a few too many of them.

I think its possible I just wrote the most random/lame comment ever. Maybe it was because I was trying to impress you, haha.

Mz.Sullivan said...

Awwwww...mama! Its otay. I lost my pseudo boo...I am quite sad too...stay strong.

Katie said...

Can you please go to this for me and report back?


Dinah said...

I have to agree with Katya. Beware the Sorry-Mom types.

I just had a pretty nasty break-up, and now I can't listen to Bon Iver or think about Kat von D or Dita von Teese (things the ex liked). It's balls shrivelling sucky.

But you're in LA! You have great food and internships! You have concerts! You have good weather! You're jsebh,jks, ADORABLE! I want to send you eye-beam RAINBOWS! I'm adding exclamation marks because you deserve written energy!

MACK said...

one should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. one must develop an instinct for what one can barely achieve through one's greatest effort.

the wisdom of einstein!

do, do, do E! you are amazing, that is all.

Olivia Allin said...

Sarah and Olivia sound stupid! JK. We miss you too Erika!!! Come hang out and tandem blog with us!!

rachaelgking said...

You've probably seen this... but if not, I just made your day: