Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stars and the Sea

Okay, okay, most people get a blank stare when you talk about Boy Kill Boy. They are a band, from the UK, okay, from England. Act like you know. In '06, they came out with an album called Civilian. It is impeccable, one of the few records I can listen to in its entirety without being bored or tempted to skip certain tracks. Civilian is like so beyond the beyond. I could wax poetic and devoted about that album for ages, but now I have something newly AWEsome to wax on and off about.

Boy Kill Boy has just come out with a new album, called Stars and the Sea. I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing juuuust yet, but I did hear "Promises" in H & M and that sounded fantastic, just like their old stuff. There aren't any downloads, but I will provide a few videos so you can get a taste of their steez. Whoa, gross.


"Civil Sin"

"Shoot Me Down"

Now that you are armed with the knowledge to make a responsible decision, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to purchase Civilian and then get Stars and the Sea. And with that I leave you with a K. Thx. Bai.


They Gave Women The Right To Vote???

Do you like girls? Of course you do. I like them. Not sexually, but I am one, and I like to befriend girls, gain their trust, get a copy of their apartment key made, and then borrow their clothing. You might like them for far more different reasons. I may be making a general statement, but we definitely give better blowjobs. Not saying, just saying.

Anyway, you might like girls best when they have a guitar or drumsticks in their hands. Good, good. You might even get a kick out of watching chicks dick about on stage while strumming a few basic chords, or in Meg White's case, pounding a snare and a cymbal.

Well, you're in luck! Ha ha! Luck.

9 years ago, this compilation of chicks in bands with assorted songs and maybe some albums came about. It was called Alright, This Time Just The Girls. The first volume (two discs) is AWEsome. The Cougars, Free Kitten, Banana Erectors, just some of the best grrrl bands from the 90s.

The next volume, in '06, features the Detroit Cobras, the Muffs, Holly Golightly, more amazing riot grrrrls, with a ton of R's.

I picked these gems up from Turn Right To Open. an AWEsome blog with great music from all decades. Good music is timeless. Real talk. Anyway, volume links after the jump.

Vol 1 Disc 1

Vol 1 Disc 2

Vol 2 Disc 1


Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Last (We Hope) Kanye Video, Or Flashing Lights Cubed

Okay, back in whenever, the first video for Kanye West's song "Flashing Lights" premiered. Hollister wearing rich white preppy kids went apeshit. Okay, then a second one surfaced. Stereogum holla'd at it and then a few other blogs (and also me, yes) caught on to it. There was a model in it, and she was wearing American Apparel, so we couldn't really turn away.

Finally, there is another "Flashing Lights" video. Kanye and Co. set out to make a bad video about vampire soup. This is possibly the last installment of videos made for the exact same song. Maybe this will turn into a "Trapped In The Closet" thing. Then Kanye will need to write new material.


How I Define Being A Black Woman

And other very important lessons from Sharolaid.

Shit, motherfucker, watch your ass.


Counseling Done Right: The Tyra Show

A lot of people don't particularly care for Rachel Ray. You either like her or your don't. It is the same thing with Tyra. Many people think she is a ridiculously retarded blithering idiot with no common sense. Others believe she is changing the world. Like a taller Oprah. Personally, I like Tyra, and I very much enjoy watching her talk show, weekdays, at 1 pm, on Fox.

I also very much enjoy watching this episode of Tyra, where my Bad Girls Club fave-ity fave Tanisha (who recently overcame her anger ish and got a new weave), is counseling some angry bitches (mother and child) to overcome their problems and become better people. She's actually really inspirational now. AWEsome.

Such a heartwarming episode, because it combines two of my fave things: counseling and reality show rehab.



The Hood Internet, aka the best thing for mash-ups since sliced bread, have a new mixtape out! First, it was the Hood Internet Mixtape Vol. 1. That was blazin'. Then they had The Hood Internet vs The Pack (I don't know who The Pack is). Not to mention there were a ton of individual awesome tracks in between those mixes. And there was a Mixtape Vol. 2, which was a good title, and it was off the chain.

(Actually, it was so AWEsome it was on the chain, then threw itself off the chain in a cool hari-kari fighting style. They had katanas and chopsticks. Someone played some pop music.)

Moving on, it's been a hot minute since ABX and DJ STV SLV dropped anything comprehensive. Well, the wait is over! Today, The Hood Internet vs Chicago dropped. 24 brand new tracks that you couldn't get anywhere else, all featuring Chicago natives. Also, there are some people who aren't from Chicago, but that's not important.

So go cop this! It's free! The Hood Internet is super philanthropic like that, yo. Get it girl, get it, get it girl!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Universal Polish

I am a girl. Duh. Who likes to have her nail game on point. Despite the prevalence of 9.99 mani/pedi services that run rampant in Atlanta, I usually just do my nails myself. Anyway, after years of trying a ton of colors on my toes (they're like my tester nails): white, yellow, cotton candy pink, silver sequined nail polish (completely awesome), light purple, etc..I would scour the aisles of the Target cosmetics section looking for the perfect color.

And then for my graduation, I needed to do my toes. I have these hot white peep toes, you see. Anyway, I finally found the perfect color:

N.Y.C. Nail Enamel in Times Square Tangerine Creme

IT IS PERFECT. And it works on all skin tones. When you paint it on lightly, it has a tomato bisque kind of color and the more you put on, the more orange it gets. I love it. You will too.

For some reason, I can't find a picture of it, but you can find it at Target and Ulta for just .99 cents. How stellar fresh!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme Is Already Rappin

Okay, I don't know if anyone watches the 2nd season of Miss Rap Supreme or not. But I just jump from vh1 reality show to show, so I obvi ended up starting to watch it. It's a good show. I'm voting for Rece Steele, because she's so sweet, but Byata is a bad chick.

Anyway, there's a rapper chick on there named Nicky 2 States. She's really hard...lyrically, of course. Riiiight...

So while listening to one of my favorite producers Diplo, and his partner Benzi, on their Fear and Loathing in Hunts, Vegas mixtape, I noticed something. There's this track called "Woodgrain" on the mix, and with some digging (light blogging), I found the original, whole version, which is like 6 minutes long.

But guess who's on "Woodgrain?" Nicky 2 States! She's a got a really sweet verse on there, and I just thought that it was kind of crazy that she's trying to be Miss Rap Supreme when she's already doing work. It's weird, but impressive. Check the track for yourself.

Paper Route Gangstaz: "Woodgrain" [via zSHARE]

Just blaze!


Forever Pale

I love Forever 21 probably more than the next girl. I'm pretty poor and I don't mind having to stitch a hole here or sew a button back on there. That's why F21 and I gel so well. It's cheap and just good enough quality to look acceptable. We both have the same "appear expensive but actually are very cheap" outlook.

Anyway, I was looking on Forever for some stuff since my cousin gave me a gift card, and I came across this skirt. It's super cute and it's a lot like the one I bought from F21 a few weeks ago, but the zipper broke on that one, so I need a new one...right, so this skirt is adorable, but -

Why are the Forever 21 models so pale? If they raise their prices a few dollars, maybe they can afford to tan the girls.

Just a thought.


"Modern Drummer" Video

Okay, I know Stereogum got to this before I could (how could they not? They are an illustrious online music megasource that gets the worm before the early bird does, and I am merely a blog that happens to occasionally cover music), but I saw this video last night on Subterranean and I almost had an epilepsy.

I guess Ungdomskulen is like a metal-ish rock band. They're from Norway though. That's pretty much the only kind of music they have have to assume.

There's a lot of flashing light/strobe/rave '95 action. With rainbows of colors. It's pretty crazy. The whole thing is like the end-of-semester project you have to make in your computer/graphic design class. I don't really like it. Well, actually, I guess it's not so bad. Here, you can judge for yourself.

I think the song is about some guy professing his love for some great drummer. Oh, I don't know. This thing is tricky. Norwegians...I know this isn't like the normal music I post a video for, but I kind of like it in a Metalocalypse way.

Ungdomskulen: "Modern Drummer"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Flashing Lights" X 2

If you liked the first "Flashing Lights" video, then good for you. Chances are you saw it on MTV one morning as you got ready for work, or whatever it is you do in the morning, and you thought, "Wow, this video is kind of cool. It's new, Kanye, and different." That may or may not be verbatim.

Well, as Jacqueline Susann says, "Once Is Not Enough." Kanye thinks so too. He had Bill Pollock make this really cool American Apparel ad/music video. The chick is Charlotte Carter-Allen. She's gorgeous, no? Yes! She wakes up with mojitos and then parties with girls who look just like her. Then she gets drunk and walks home alone. Kanye is standing in some badly lit room, walking around. That part is kind of hazy.

Anyway, I guess there is a third video to make all this make sense. I hope. In any case, you can just watch the damn video.

OK, now go buy some American Apparel. Good job.


Death By Chocolate!

This SNL episode actually came on back in April, but if you didn't see it (you didn't miss a good opening skit), then you didn't see this awesome commercial. Ashton Kutcher was hosting (and he's a douche, btw) and he's the cute little choco bar. Anyway, I love this video. But the "Amy song" skit is much funnier. There's no video for it, though. Kthxbai.

Also Andy Samberg is not funny. One day someone will tell Lorne that, hopefully. And Keenan is underrated on SNL. Ok, now I'm really done.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plz Don't Get Silly

This is stupid. And silly. And completely, unabashedly ridic. I hate it. I want to dance to it. I am mildly conflicted, and agitated that Soulja Boy is gaining enough clout in the industry to help other people make dumb ass songs and videos. It's unsettling. Collipark you are (a little) better than this. You had Ying Yang Twins and Young Jeezy for a minute, so you can (kind of) do it right...You can judge it for yourself. It's worse than Tyga.

Actually, it makes Tyga look like T.I. Scary! I saw this on...where? Sucker Free Countdown. Why? Look for the Flavor Flav remix.

It hurts. Viscerally. I promise ATL has better hip hop than this. Really! I'm gonna go sulk at Club Crunk.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stay Fresh With A Mixtape

No, not like a Muxtape, which is just something little hipster douches make so they can stay on the up and up. Myflashfetish is the convenient website that allows you to make an mp3 playlist for your blog page, fo' free, with just about any song you can imagine. There's no limit on how many songs you can add. All you do is type in the artist or song, hit search, and then post it up.

At the end you get a code to paste it into your blog. Yeah, you have to be a member, but membership is free and takes two seconds, promise. It's awesome. My mp3 playlist is in the form of a cute little mixtape.

Get Music Tracks!Create A Playlist!

You can also get Myspace shite, music videos, and streaming television for your site. Fresh!

And if you like mixtapes, you can get the kind for your computer right here!


I Hate Your Venti Stupid Shake!

btw, this guy's name is matt. so y'know.

Today I went to the doctor. (Collective gasp...) I am fine. Thanks for caring. Afterwards, I went with my mom to Starbucks, which is my mortal enemy, because not only is it a cult-ish establishment, but the people who go and work there are addicts. If Dr. Drew does not get to them soon, well, I fear it will be too late.

So anyway, my mom is badass. We pulled up to the drive-thru window, which is for Fatty Magoo Starbucks drinkers, and the lanky little nerd shilling out the coffee tried to sell my mom a tray of four cookies.

You obvi needed some Wellies to get through the shit he was spreading. She kept saying no, and he kept persisting. She said no, and he said they would cure cancer and help you live a long life.

Finally my mother said, "I want to die." The barista (statistically as perky as a Disney character) frowned and said, "You wanna die? We need to talk." My mom countered with, "I don't even need a receipt, I'm just gonna die."

The barista told us to have a good day. I almost felt bad. Not quite.

(PS: the title of this post was shouted by me at my mother when she insisted on turning the air on high since coffee makes her really warm. i turned the air down. she asked me what was wrong with me. i told her i hated her venti stupid shake, which was all i could come up with.)


Monday, May 19, 2008

Death Couch For Cutie

Ugh, I have relapsed. One day I wake up, so fresh and so clean, and then suddenly, boom! I lay down on the death couch to watch the Tyra show and I'm all sick all over again. It's incomprehensible.

And yeah, this moment called for a big ass word.

The crows haven't returned yet, but I'm sure they're plotting my death. My mom is actually trying to figure out what is wrong with me by googling up my mini-illnesses on WebMD, which ultimately means I'm going to have to take myself to the doctor. Sigh.

Ohai spoiler alert:
Thing 2 won Flavor of Love. Little ugly babies for e'rybody! Reunion next Monday at 9 pm.

Be there or be cubical!
For your (and my) entertainment, a video from Kevin and Olivia, the hosts of G4's Attack Of the Show. I heart this show and am very sad that we no longer have G4 since our cable got changed. Mostly I lurve Olivia. I got you girl!


Flavor Of Love Finale Tuh-Noit!

Yes that's right fam. Three seasons and a weekend of marathons and reunions all culminates in this one hour.Will it be Black, or Thing 2, or...Sinceer? Well, Sinceer is kind of an evil bizznatch and I'm leaning towards Thing 2 anyway.

In other exciting news, I'm typing up this whole post from my Blackberry! Muy divertido! Also, Bad Girls Club reunion tomorrow. Star Jones is mediating. Hopefully Tanisha doesn't mistake her for Lyric. Also hopefully Jenavecia doesn't come drunk and try to fuck her...Ohai TV ratings.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Am Recovered! (Mostly)

Yesterday was, I don't know. Something else. I came down with some kind of one-day hour flu with all the symptoms: ache-y body, feeling nauseous, headache, was messed up. I told my body it was unnappreciated to be sick for an entire Saturday. The day was pleasant and simply rolled by as I was forced to watch TV for eleven hours straight.

It was cruel and unusual punishment. I was kept on a diet of ginger ale, toast, and shortbread cookies, which is one of the only foods I can eat when I'm sick for some reason.

Today some evil death crows popped up on my porch to take me to my death, but I didn't give them the satisfaction. I won't be beat by this mystery illness. Also, I feel 100 percent better. Hah, crows! Hah!

Humorous Pictures
more cat pictures

And also so you know (but won't care) I got the new Blackberry Curve yesterday. In my ill state, I spent the whole day downloading ringtones and hanging out on Missbehave's website. Downside: no one wants to change the television channel because they think they'll get sick from touching the remote. Grrrr.

Peep my Curve!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh No She Did!

I don't know why it took me so long to see this, but it did. This is worse than Yelle and CSS combined. It's like Uffie meets Peewee's Playhouse.

robyn: "konichiwa bitches"



Are You Experienced?

Well, if you're a TV addict like moi, you have been peeping the new vh1 doc series entitled, "Sex: The Revolution." It takes a very in-depth look at the role of sex and sexuality in each decade, and explores the 50's through the 80's.

It is AWEsome and not only extremely interesting and exciting, but it's incredibly informing. Did you know that San Francisco was the gay capital of America? Of course you did! But did you know that Harvey Milk (not the musicians) was one of the most important gay activists of San Fran, and was assassinated by Mike White, a disgruntled former Board of Education member.

See? You didn't know that!

"Sex: The Revolution" ran through last week at 10 pm and finished Thursday, May 15. Just in case you're on the fence about shelling out the money to buy this "better-than-the-best" sex doc, here's a small taste of the badassery:

Ohai in other news, new episode of Split Ends today at 6 pm. Stay fresh, don't sleep.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay, It's Legit!

So, it's true! Or I read it on this website, and the internet is full of truth, right? Kgood. Anyway, Tuesday, May 20, my last day of senior year, the Cool Kids' album, The Bake Sale, drops on iTunes motherfuckers! Be excited! Now! The downside is that it won't actually be in a record store until June 10th (tear).

Chuck and Mikey (Yup, he's Mikey) are awesome. Just so you know. They toured with MIA and were on MTV, too. Plus they're from Illanoise, which is AWEsome. They're kind of like Kidz In The Hall, and at least while everyone's riding this hip(ster)-hop/fresh to def train, I might as well buy some memorablia, because music's gonna shift back to that super tough thug-wannabe style anyway.

Pick up The Bake Sale! 5-20-08! No more illegal downloads! Peep video:

"Black Mags"


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thx But No Thx

Once, I liked Gym Class Heroes. It was circa their first album. I saw them live, when the Tournado tour came to the Arena, and I thought Travis was uber sexy. At least his voice was. Then I saw an interview with Travvy on MTV and I fell out of love very quickly.

Anyway, this backstory is just to preface my hate and supreme dislike for his li'l cuz Tyga, who now has that ridiculous single "Coconut Juice" on Sucker Free on MTV2. Now don't get me wrong, I know Sucker Free isn't exactly a paradigm for real, true hip hop, but I mean, this song?

Not to mention the video is all wrong. There are some white hoes shaking asses in their corner, plenty of post-fab hipsters, and that annoying Tyga looks like he bought his whole wardrobe at Urban Outfitters. Not to mention Travis is tossing lines in. And there's a cameo from Pete Wentz, who, might I add, said, "This is Encino, not Compton."

What is that supposed to mean?! Suddenly Wentz listens to to Jay-Z and suddenly he can participate in economic and demographical stereotypes? I don't think so.

Whatevs. Maybe in ten years this will be like Will Smith circa "Willenium." I hope so.