Monday, April 13, 2009


(img via the sartorialist)

holy hot hell on a sidewalk in the middle of july in an arizona desert somebody get me those shoes. i think the toes are carved into the shapes of hearts? sweetjesus on high, toss me the respirator because it just got TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL up in here. i am betting those shoes have a chunky heel, which is perfecto, and the fact that they have an ankle strap makes me want to put on lacy white tights, a watermelon colored minidress, and dance in the moonlight a la king harvest on a crazy margarita bender. put it together. IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

also that skirt is high-fiving god with its epic awesomosity but really guys, really, i NEED THOSE SHOES. you know how t.i. wants your body? you know how he needs your body? you know as long as you got him you won't need nobody?

well that's how i feel about those shoes. all of that. and more. someone can go ahead and box them up for me, size 10, and fed-ex them right over to my lair aka my HQ. we serve cookies here. 24/7. they taste like angels' wings fluttering on your tastebuds. it all makes sense.

thanks in advance and i love you all like the sisters that weren't super bitchy to me in middle school.



.rawkii said...

Haha. I shall be on the lookout for them!
If I have any progress I will let ya know.

Lolita Hazed said...

Love the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes. WANT THEM SO BAD.

Dinah said...

those shoes are so epic, vikings traveled great distances to find them. nom nom nom. you could get a pair of old nersty shoes and revamp them with that flexible plasticy stuff they sell at michael's. i'm 100% sure that california has a michael's. i've been to it. i had to do a project where i created ear muffs made of faux flowers. wowza. anyway, yeah, those shoes are fappable haha.

alissa said...

all i can really say is how fucking much i love kings harvest. good lord.

RMG! said...

i want those shoes too

sayangku kucingku said...