Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey Internet, Still Here

Recently, for reasons that are both here and there, I've been thinking about how to really start 2009 off in a great way. Things don't seem official yet. I know we're halfway through the first month, but I don't feel like I can start the year until I take care of things that were bothering me in 2008. Looking through my diary from late last year, I've realized that problems can get swept under the rug, but they never truly go away until you DEAL with them.

The sweeping bit is not the issue, obviously, it's the dealing with it part that presents a problem within itself.

Also funny (in that funny way that isn't really funny at all), I've learned that trying to plan too far ahead into the future is not practical. And only ends up frustrating you, especially when you make plans with someone else, because at that point, if you seem committed enough, even "maybes" start to sound like promises.

I do have a lot to look forward to this year. Rooming with Sarah and Olivia for a while, then probably again a little later, getting Brooklyn Prom Queen off the ground, cementing some friendships and breaking others...and, of course, blogging my eyes out. That sounds gross but it'll probably be fun. Kinda like those pedicures when fish nibble on your feet.

Other people have inspired me so much lately and at this point, I'm straddling that fine line between inspiration and replication. I'm trying to land in the former end of this spectrum, although my creative juices, like the delicious cranberry/pomegranate juice in the fridge, are gone and thus making it harder for me to step outside the box like I so normally can.

So, I'm not making any plans as of yet except to be happy and healthy (and guh, finally finally finally lose fifteen pounds?) and to take care of myself. I've kinda realized lately that I need to grow up already; that you can't just pick and choose when and where you feel like being and acting like an adult.

But like I said, no plans.



absolutely not said...

dont forget that 09 is the year of CHET! its going to be epic! (or it can end in utter disappointment and the real world will once again fail to redeem itself.)
but good luck with errrrything.

Erika said...

how could i forget that bag of dicks?! of course it's all about the CHET-STER this year. and his metrosexual, non-sinful homoerotic tendencies. what what!

Carsi said...

you rooming with Sarah and Olivia, equals me being a bit jealous :-P

Lolita Hazed said...

Erika said...

thank you so much sarah. you made my day!

Valentina said...

Dear Erika,

Come back to life please! The internet misses you. And I have a strange aversion to tumblr.