Friday, January 2, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours.

No one likes rainy days. Well, I do. In the spring. When they're calm little rainstorms that make you feel cute and feminine when you use your umbrella, or make you feel cozy and peaceful when you're sitting inside. Since it's raining today, I thought I would compile a playlist for a day like this.

April March: "Cet Air La" - April March is awesome. She's kinda important when it comes to the world of 90's chick rock. This is one of her calmer, sweeter songs. And it's in French, which is j'adorable.

The Velvet Underground: "After Hours" - I love this song. And I love this album. This song is just so sweet and earnest. I always want to be looking out a window over the city at night when I listen to it.

The Spinto Band: "Oh Mandy" - You might recognize this song, actually. It's mildly popular, and so sweet. It's about this guy who wants something that's always out of reach, and he knows it, but he tries and fails to get it anyway. Sadcute.

No Saving Grace: "Sandbox" - I actually don't know that much about No Saving Grace...I picked up this song sort of randomly, but it has a nostalgic feel about it. It's sort of sad, and the words are muddled, but I like it nonetheless.

Vivian Girls: "Where Do You Run To?" - Um, love the Vivian Girls. And this song is so perfect for a day inside and a cup of tea.

The Postmarks: "Winter Spring Summer Fall" - This song is awesome because it feels so 70s and Charlie Brown-esque. But then again, the whole album is magical like that.

Prints: "Blue Jay" - Not too sure if it's completely appropriate for a rainy day playlist, but this song will definitely brighten up your day and make you feel a million times more happy and hopeful if you're down.

Marcy Playground: "Sex and Candy" - I gotta represent the 90s here. This is a totally perfect song for rain. Totally perfect. Like disco lemondade.

Broken Social Scene: "7/4 Shoreline" - With all the BS(S) those guys have been coming out with as of late, I think it's time to take a step back to the basics. Did anyone see what I did there? With the initials of Broken Social Scene? Clever, right?

The National: "Green Gloves" - Did I ever mention that Boxer was one of fave albums of '07. It really was. It's such a fucking good album. Oh plus I always try to close my playlists with The National if I can help it.

That's it. It's probably dry wherever you guys are, so I suggest saving this playlist for a rainy day. See how I did that there? That pun I used? Yeah. I can see it already. I'm gonna be so clever in '09.



Lolita Hazed said...

Darling, you were clever in '08. And you're probably going to tear shit up this year, I can see it now.

Oh! I LOVE rainy day music, I keep a whole playlist on my iPod! I save it for days when we're driving home in the rain. I'll definitely be taking this all down!

Girl, you've given me so much music this year.
You gave me music that you didn't even put up for downloads. I totally have Local H on my iPod because of you and I giggle a little and think of you when it comes on.


Valentina said...

I love rainy days! In fact I'm pretty sure that I have a little something called reverse seasonal affective disorder because I'm really only ever happy when it's rainy and miserable. I love this playlist...let's just say you had me at Sex and Candy.

Yay for the first post of 2009!!

Erika said...

Thanks Sarah! I definitely love my 90s rock. If my training at the radio station gave me anything, it was an almost catalogue-like knowledge of 90s rock music.

And V, I'm sort of amazed how you keep popping up. I was expecting you to be MIA from el internets for the entire month. I love it! You need that song "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage. Totally perfect for you.

Lolita Hazed said...

I was so gonna say that.