Monday, January 19, 2009

Love? Better. Something Like A Dream.

So Lillian has this goal of trying 12 new vegetarian recipes. I think that's awesome. To kick it off, we're having a bi-coastal bake-off (Atlanta v LA, East v West) and we're making Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes. Divine, right?

Well, I'm not exactly a vegetarian, although I do happen to think tofu is delicious, but I think a goal to learn and try new recipes is fantastic. So I'm going to try to absorb as many recipes as possible this year. I've already got a few (tomato stew and Mexican chicken tortilla soup) under my belt, but I want to really build a repertoire. You know those ladies who need to make dinner and they pull out a recipe BOX? That's what I'm shooting for.

And then I thought, why don't I share them with y'all? That way everyone can get in on the fun, plus Lillian won't have to look too far for recipes! It'll be kinda like 100 days of recipes, but like, 336 days of recipes since we're already 19 days into the new year and I'm going to start tomorrow.

So, uh, get excited people! We're all going to be goddesses of the kitchen in no time!



Lillian, Criminal Records said...

Anyone who put off new year's resolutions, or whatever you want to call them, on January first can start on Tuesday the 20th because EVERYTHING starts anew tomorrow!!!! Or rather today, as it's 2:50AM on the east coast already.

Slackers can only postpone until noon Eastern. After that, it's time for everyone to get awesome. I'm ready for it!