Friday, January 16, 2009

You Can't Just Walk Into A Pageant And Expect To Win

So. Tomorrow is my last day in Atlanta. I have been here for almost an entire month, doing what I would like to call ineffectively attempting to pretend I never left. You can deny the change inside you, but it doesn't do you any good. So I can't keep denying I haven't been changing since I left Atlanta almost six months ago. I can't deny it especially because all this change is making me more into the person I really want to be.

BUT on a much lighter note, tomorrow is another installment in Criminal's Beer Thirty, their weekly midday show during which you can drink and listen to music. Ummm, awesome combo. And tomorrow is my favorite show to date: Los Campesinos!

Not only am I excited to see LC! live, but I'm excited to see them indoors, since Criminal Records used to be a lot smaller and in-store shows were outside...even in the dead of winter.

Oh also there will be cupcakes! I hope. I asked Lillian if I could bring some and hopefully I can! (ps: lillian if you read this before your mail, pls check your mail, gracias)

Basically, as this trip winds down, so does my old life. I want to close the door on it once and for all. It's like I was telling my friend, "I have a lot of things to take care of before I can really start this year." And I will. And it'll be HARD, but worth it? I hope? Say yes?

And so that's that. Well, tomorrow that will be that. Officially. And then I'll be back to LA, the land before time, where the rest of the country is at least an hour ahead of us.

Then again, I would take hearing about who won an Oscar later than everyone else over the 30 degree weather that is ravaging my beautiful body at the moment. Anyone read the forecast? It's fucking 70 degrees over in my hood.

Huh. I so did have somewhere I was going with this post right now, but I have no idea what it was. Perhaps that is a mental hint that I should go eat some of the doughnuts my mom brought home.



Valentina said...


Damn girl, Los Campesinos? I am so totally jealous, they're on my must-see list! You have to take pictures so I can pretend I was there.

Lolita Hazed said...

Donuts were my first thought too! Seriously with the donuts and cupcakes! You're making me so hungry and Oprah says you're not supposed to eat before bedtime!

Like I care. Suck it, Oprah.

Getting out of ATL will be a breeze, girl. You'll be ruling LA once more and I'll just be chillin' here jealous until the day when I can finally hitch a ride out there. It shall happen, said the Lord on the seventh day.

Dook Platypus said...

I think I saw you walking on Euclid Avenue but I didn't say anything because I am basically just creepy internet guy. Also we got a new record on the way and we'll get you a copy so you can write about us on your popular website.

Yours Truly,