Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is That Hummus? No, It's Guacamole. No, it's GuacaHummus.

So my NYE was spent uneventfully eventfully. Around 8 I hung out with Sam, April, and her friend. We sat around eating potato wedges and doing face paint while April's friend made confetti bombs. My face paint was super cool and totally wood nymph.Everyone else looked equally dopity dope dope. April killed it, like always.
We sat around Pal's Lounge and had drinks. I had water because I'm lame. Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I went to F21 and couldn't find any of the dresses I had in mine, so I improvised because I was in a hurry. I picked out the entire outfit in 40 min and found a cute pair of leggings. I totally need to be on one of those makeovers in a hurry type shows. I wore this adorable dress that was black at the top and plaid on the bottom, with a black and white button underneath.

After Pal's we went to some huge house in Sandy Springs. That's really far, so you know. But the house was ginourmous. Like, I got lost in it it was so big. It was also super duper cold in there so I posted up next to the space heater with my pom & vodka and hung there most of the night. That's right. I'm wearing mittens. It was cold as fuck.
I was also the NYE pimp.There were a shit ton of fireworks so everyone decided to light bunches of sparklers out of a Korbels bottle all night. At 11:45 everyone crowded into the living room with their noisemakers and streamers in hand and we counted down to midnight and then we all screamed and everyone kissed everybody.

Then people proceeded to get mad drunk for the rest of the night (I just sipped my vodka and watched the antics) and this dude that was totally sweating me took a picture with me before I fell asleep on the couch. After that, we all went home and I got in around 3:30 am, went upstairs, and just managed to wash my face before collapsing in my bed.
Peace up, A town dooooowwwn.



Olivia Allin said...

Sounds like your New Years wasn't so bad! Next year, Sarah, you, and I will have to crash a Hollywood party and hang with the Kardashians...where we belong!

Erika said...

Um yes. My mom came to visit a few months ago and we found their stores! Closed (of course). But at least we can stalk them now!