Friday, January 9, 2009

"They're Going To Pan The Camera Back To Him, But He's Already Gonna Be Gone."

Whoa. I sorta internet died for a second guyz. I know I'm usually over hurr on the daily, popping in and talking about life and love and television and clothes and stickers and ponies and, but lately I've been occupado (how the hell does THAT get by spellcheck?) at my mom's house. She's decided to sell the house I lived in in my precious, memory laden high school years. Like I care.

The real important part lies in the fact that I have to clean out everything and make piles of what stays with her when she jetsets to LA (yep, that's what I wanted, to live in the same state as mi madre un tiempo mas - that's one more time, right?) and what goes to Goodwill and what she sells at her garage sale. This is all sorts of crucial 'cos I'm sort of a packrat and I'm always terrified of throwing away some chunk of my childhood that I'll want in twenty years when my children are old enough to care about "vintage" and "retro."

Obvi this is an emotionally and time consuming process; I've been here for two weeks and all I've managed to clear up is one wall...well, it's a corner, mas o menos.

Anyways, if you guys are ever all like, "We need some Erika up in hurr," which I doubt ever happens, feel free to head over to my Tumblr, which I update like two hundred times a day, or you can totally SKYPE me. Not really.

So we'll let this just be my away message, in case I don't talk to ya'll for a minute. Oh, and of course I had to go out with a video. I love this song. It would play at the end of my personal life movie, as I walked into the sunset and the screen faded to black. I mean, obvi I have an active and well exercised imagination.



J.E.W.E.L.S said...

You sound like me a few months I feel your pain girlie. Good luck=) ps...did you get your tee yet?

Erika said...

i hope so! i haven't been in la for a minute, but i left instructions for mr delivery man to give the package to my landlord so she's keeping it safe and sound, like it needs to be :)

MACK said...

moving is such a task. i hate and love it. it's fun to look through all your stuff...sort of like a live yearbook. but then the throwing stuff away part comes. and then the moving. but i guess cali is really E-Land so maybe it's not so tragic this time around. except for the cleaning part. good luck! i'm definitely going to SKYPE you only because you said not to. jk if i have something better to do, which i wont. so jk on the jk.