Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Don't Want To Have To Die All Over Again.

2009 is tonight. WTF. I really cannot comprehend it. Another year, done, finito, terminado. I don't have my dress just yet (I'm stopping by HM this afternoon) but I do have the heels (black suede stilettos, totally hot and awesome).

Due to my lack of transportation (I have no car and I live three miles away from the bus station, which is like 45 min walking) and my bf/ex-bf's lack of transpo and my mom's lack of caring, and my lack of friends, I might be sitting in a pretty dress and droolworthy heels alone in my living room, watching a Twilight Zone marathon and guzzling grape soda until I fall into a sugar coma, or fall asleep, whichever comes first.

Or I'll be out all night, making good use of my deodarant by dancing and partying and eating my way to a bigger pants size. I might collapse from exahustion on some stranger's couch with a streamer in my hair and red plastic cup in my hand.

I'm not sure. But what I am sure about is what I'll do next year. I won't settle. I've always settled because I didn't think I could have more. I thought, this is pretty much it. But in the car tonight, my mom told me, "I wish you knew that you deserved more."

I do. I really fucking do. And in 2009, I'm gonna get it.

Happy New Year's Eve ya'll. Take this year out in style and welcome the next one right.



bite size labella said...

OMG!! don't we all deserve la best for ourselves.....settle is such an 08 word!!! ...yeah good bye 08!!!...08 is the one night stand that finally got the word we dont want em ne more!! ok lemme stop the vent...but I wish you all u deserve for this next great year!!.. Im still in grand ol GA...thinking about going to the peach drop...I have never been and dunno if I wanna be in suburby L'ville watching tv until it turns 12:01...we will see!! holla!

Erika said...

Well if you do go to the Peach Drop, be careful girl, Underground is mad dangerous after dark! Well, and during the day.

bite size labella said...

No problem will do, I was looking at it as hanging with the fam since they are use to just staying home every year....but I will see how my six sense feels after work before making the final decision!

Lillian, Criminal Records said...

Hear, hear! No more settling! You summed it up perfectly.

I'm currently on the couch eating M&M's in between bouts of work. I need to do better. I deserve better. Starting tomorrow...

Sigh. I suck. In 2008. But next year, I'm totally gonna be better.

Erika said...

Awww Lillian! I wish I had M&Ms. Oh wait, I do! And I'm sitting on the couch watching a Project Runway marathon so we're sorta in the same boat. :)
Is Criminal still doing the NY's Day celebration with black eyed peas and cornbread? When's it over? I wanna come by since I'm helping my friend move tomorrow.
And Happy New Year's guys! Por serio!

Sarah Noelle said...

I just want to say I love ur blog. the way you write is just amazing. we're friends on myspace by the way.

Erika said...

Thanks Sarah! I have a not so secret passion for writing fiction, so I always try to paint a picture when I write. I'm a little adjective and semicolon slutty at times.
And I totes knew we were myspace buddies! Yay!

Mariposa Latina said...

hey you should post a picture of what your final new years eve outfit looked like. i was wondering which dress you actually chose.