Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nylon + byoP = Becky

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We all know what happened to Be Your Own Pet. I'm still regretting the fact that I didn't own a digital camera when I was sixteen and thus could not take any pictures of the one performance of their's I ever got to see. I'm also still sad that I missed the sale on their merch's website and so now I have to pay $20 for a shirt instead of $10. You may be regretting different BYOP related things for different BYOP related reasons.

I assume this whole thing went down like this:

Jemina and Co. were packing up their instruments, fresh off the end of the Nylon Summer Music Tour, when Marvin Scott Jarrett (the Editor-in-Chief of Nylon, duh) strolled up to them.

MSJ: Hey guys, sorry to hear about what's going on.
Jemina: Yeah, dude. We just wish there was something else we could do about those fucking songs that got fucking censored and fucking banned.
MSJ: (stroking his chin thoughtfully), Well let me see what I could do. I'll ask an intern to get some department people together. In the mean time, let me offer you guys some parting gifts...bottle of Andre? Pair of Sevens? Life size poster of Alice Delall? New Watson Twins album?

And then he walked away, got some interns on it, and out of that quick exchange came a video for the single "Becky." If that doesn't seem familiar to you, but you bought Get Awkward like I did, that's because "Becky" was one of the songs Universal deemed to controversial to release. Granted BYOP did release it along with two other removed songs on their Get Damaged EP, but it's not the same. Anyway, peep the video.


And in case you just wanna sorta chart their progression, here's their first video, the one they made 2 years ago for the song, "Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle." I saw that video when it made it's first world premiere back on Subterranean and I knew at that instant, that those kids would be big.

"Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle"



Lolita Hazed said...

Aww... I want to make an Oscar montage or something, like the ones they have for people who died. That's how I feel right now.
They had other really cute videos too! "Damn Damn Leash", "Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)" and "Adventure" were all a lot of fun. I wasn't super crazy about the "Kelly Affair" video, though, sadly enough. This was pretty awesome though!

Valentina said...

I BLAME NYLON FOR BYOP BREAKING UP!! Clearly all that time they forced them to spend with Cory Kennedy caught up with them in the end. Think about it. It'll make sense.