Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is Just Plain Unjust

Normally, good song jacking commercials don't phase me all that much. Yeah, I got annoyed when they used "Home" by Great Northern and "You're A Wolf" by Sea Wolf to sell cars, and Santogold songs to sell just about anything else. But this is just too much. All advertisers out there, please leave Justice alone. They are getting used and abused more than a cheap hooker's vag. And I can't take it! I love Justice and take everything that happens to them personally. Okay...I may be crazy, but oh well! Keep selling your shit with semi-successful indie tunes, but don't you ever lay another fat finger on my Gaspard and Xavier (who I'm going to marry btw. It'll be a double groom wedding with Zach Condon, obvi).

Now, for your entertainment and loathing, peep the many unJustices that have occurred. The more you know...erm...the better you are than other people, I guess.

A sick misuse of "Genesis" to market denim:

The wanton use of "Waters of Nazareth" for the new season of ABDC

And finally this Cadillac ad I'm unable to embed. So you see, it's just getting out of hand. Justice are my homeboys (well, in my mind they are) and I won't stand for this over-commercialization any longer! Thank you and goodnight.