Friday, August 1, 2008

She's Just Asking To Be Raped

I got my car back!!!! I was soooo excited that it was recovered and everything was still in it, because we were definitely dealing with the stupidest motherfucking criminals of all time. They left my radio and my wallet and my umbrella. They stole my Zune and the shittiest pair of headphones I own. Ah well. I can get new shit.

Soooo....moving on, my friends and I are having a garage sale. We were putting signs up in my neighborhood when we saw this girl kind of strolling dazed down the street wearing a big sweatshirt and super short shorts. It was around 11:00 pm. I didn't stare, because I didn't care. Sometimes you are inconvenienced by your clothing and your situation at the same time.

My friend doesn't get out much. She doesn't really live in reality. She's never had anything stolen, or done drugs, or stayed out late. Her life is in a bubble. It's rose colored and makes the outside world look very scary and the inner bubble very appealing.

She said to me, "You know, I find it hard to feel sympathy for those girls who are just asking for rape."

I couldn't believe that had just come out of a woman's mouth. I said, "No girl is ever asking to be raped. No woman deserves it."

She replied, "But they might as well. They're just stupid girls."

I almost opened my mouth to protest but realized it would be a futile argument. She would never see my point because she's never know anyone who was raped.

My aunt was raped. She caught a very rare STD which became a very rare cancer. And she died from it, only in her 40's. I don't know what was going on when it happened because I was just a kid, but I'm goddamn sure she wasn't being stupid or asking for rape.

And just when I thought this conversation was making headway. Nah. It's where it always was.



Lolita Hazed said...

VICTORY! No need to go Charles Bronson! God, robbers are so dumb, really. My mom's car got broken into when I was little and they took her purse, expired credit cards, and threw it into a field nearby. Nothing important was lost. Thieves can be very, very laughably dumb and it's great to lucky like that.

Something's pretty wrong with sexuality these days. I can't even walk down the street in shorts without being yelled at, and that sort of thing has been going on for too long. Some people have no regard of what comes out of their mouths in touchy subjects like that. The interesting thing is when you call them out on it-- they usually have nothing with which to defend themselves.

As much as it may offend the listener, moments like that can be good for speakers. Hopefully, this girl will try and think about what she said juxtaposed with your reaction and learn from it.

MACK said...

YAY for getting your car back!!!

as for the rape convo--i have conversations like this all the time with people. it's a hard convo because, people are so quick to judge others. Not that I condone prostitution, because I really do think that there are safer ways to handle things but--who are we to judge? We have no idea whats going on in other people's lives. you're absolutely right though, NOBODY deserves or asks for rape, regardless of the situation they've put themselves in. It's ridiculous to assume that, regardless of the bubble you're friend is stuck in.

Valentina said...

I'm soo happy you got your car back! Now you can drive me around LA!! I'm at lolla right now, isn't that exciting! Can't wait to get you guys all caught up on the excitement.