Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Disco: The WebMD Of Poor Sexy Girls

Well, it's about that time again. I'm getting personal. I'd like to think that because we're all strong, mature, independent, and intelligent women, we can all talk openly and freely about our thoughts and lives.

See? That makes what I'm about to talk about sound sophisticated and interesting. But it's not. Don't worry.

It would seem that I have a UTI. Hmmmm, I wonder where I got that. So I used to get like bladder infections or whatev when I was a lot younger because I didn't drink a lot of water and always held it when I had to go because I would rather play on the jungle gym than waste time in a bathroom. But those were like totez not serious. This time around, I haven't the time/money to schlep to the Gyno's and uh, I can't really let this sit.

Soooo since you ladies are, uh, ladies...does anyone have any good OTC/natural/cheap cures for a really unpleasant UTI? Ugh. This is bleh. Meh. Whatever else other word I can use to describe a crap feeling.



bite size labella said...

Omg I have been dying from the net..bills..bills and more bills! ne hoo...I think you could try drinking lots of cranberry juice b/c initially it helps keeps your kidneys running..and they even have those azo pills...u could try a walmart or even walgreens(a lil less crowded) I hope that helps i had one when i was lil and used regular antibiotics..but natural is always better :-) hope you feel better :o)

Anonymous said...

werd, i've heard that cranberry juice works. a girl on my cheer team in high school had one and thats what she did. i'm pretty sure it worked as far as i can remember.

Erika said...

thx you guys!!! i'm defintely gonna get some cran juice fast! i have to get rid of this's murder!!

Mz.Sullivan said...

I just had uti...I am a natural remedy guru! Trust me Erika! I don't do medicine, so I like herbal methods. Cran juice is cool...but cran tablets are the best ans alot stronger. And they are good to take off of GP, for your immune system. Talk about 5000mg of cran extract. Usually when us girlies have sex with our boyfriends we don't use condoms.It can come from your guy not wiping his penis properly after he pees before having sex or you not peeing immediately after sex. When we get them this late in age, it can also be a sign of an STD. All of these diseases are related to bacteria, and a low immune system. Take your vitamin c, and drink tea...okay, I need to change my profession.

Erika said...

Girl, you sure do! Yeah I know it's definitely bacteria but believe me I always use a condom, the herp is errywhere in the A!!! Normally I don't have an ish peeing after sex except I didn't once, so that could prolly be when I got it. But thanks so much girl, I'll go pick up some cran and vitamin c pills!

Anonymous said...

All the gals on here have said it, but yep, a BARREL of cran juice will work wonders. But not one with a ton of sugars because that will work against you. ALSO, this vitamin supplement called "Cran Max" will fix you right up. My mum used to give it to me. Super concentrated and works fast.