Thursday, August 21, 2008

Live From Amarillo, It's Saturday Night!

Guess where I am everyone? Amarillo, Tex-ass! It took about twelve hours for us to get here, since my mom and I can never get to bed early anywhere where there's a TV present. So far we've been through Memphis, TN, Alabama, Arkansas (oooh, flatland!), and Sarah's proud and mighty land of Oklahoma. (I took some pictures of the sunset there that I'll put up when I have more time!) In OK, we saw cows as far as the eye can see and then we remarked about the racial segregation that is so prevalent between black cows, white cows, and my bovine counterparts, the mixed brown cows. So far we have driven 1300 miles for two and a half days. Believe me, this is not getting more fun.

So I guess I should go now. Later, when I'm in Flagstaff or LA I'll update everyone once more. I'll see you too soon V! And happy birthday to Alex, who offish became OLD when she turned twenty on Tuesday. Tuesday, right?

Anyway, thank god for wi-fi, right? Also, I'm missing my boyfriend so badly. I'm scared we've put ourselves in a long distance relationship, but it's because we don't want to see other people. We want each other. I'm not sure if we really ever broke up. Every time we talk on the phone, we cry. Whenever I read one of his texts I cry. Just typing this paragraph up is making me teary eyed. But more on that sordid affair later!

Byeeee fooooor noooooooowwwwww!!!!



Valentina said...

YAYS!! E's back, albeit very very briefly! Aww, I'm sorry you're missing your boyfriend, girl. He sounds pretty amazing, so I guess that's totally understandable.

Only two more days until I leave! Dios mio, I'm freaking out.

junipie said...

Ugh missing your boyfriend sounds awful. I'm either moving with my bf to LA in a year or moving to NYC without him in a year and I'm waaaay scared.

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG tell me you went to a QuikTrip! They are the greatest convenience stores in the history of man. $0.44 drinks in the summer. It's the equivalent of happiness.

It's going to be hard with you and your bf at first, but give it some time and things will probably get a lot easier. You can do it! I live around a long-distance relationship that has been going strongly for over a year, so it can work if you want it to :-)

Jtalk said...

I'm excited for you!
& I hope everything works out for you and your bf.

MACK said...

Erika! OMG wi-fi is amazing. I can't believe you're on your way, it's so exciting. I'm totally living through you. Thanks for the birthday shout..looks like I'm the Mom of the Pit now, huh? Anyways have FUN! Oh, and I'd be more worried if you didn't miss your boyfriend who may or may not still be your boyfriend. Get to LA and then worry about that. Enjoy the open road, girl! (Try putting your phone away for a few hours, and just focusing on everything else, it helps me. Otherwise i just read and re-read texts, listen to voicemails, cry, and get very, very depressed. No bueno.)

aQwRd-E said...

hey lovey, hope all is well. love the blug. much love from