Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is Nothing New. Except To Me

I have just discovered something very amazing. It was a supreme revelation. It was an epiphany. It was...a rebirth of thought!

I have just discovered that French people are the coolest people ever! I know I should have known this, and to a degree I did, but after looking at some pictures of French people and then reading words in French, and then listening to some music in French, it really hit me that these people are awesome!

So sry Brits, I think you just got replaced in my heart. And come on Swedes, you're slacking. All that soft, flaxen hair, those knitted sweaters and peaceful attitudes, and that penchant for eating animals wrapped in guys have all the advantages to becoming number one! But for now, the French have won.

Thus I am now going to live everyday like I am in some French art flick from the seventies. But with clothes.