Friday, August 8, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens X Sears

Does anybody even shop for clothing at Sears anymore? Last time I checked, it's hella overpriced and the clothes are made for twelve year olds with doting parents. Oh yeah! That is exactly who this commercial is appealing to!

This is also a great representation of...high school, I guess? I remember my first day of freshman year, walking through the double doors in my juniors flared jeans and cute shirt with turtles playing soccer and having to weave through all the pirouetting seniors and the b-boying juniors. I first got offered pot by a sixteen year old tap dancer.



Mz.Sullivan said...

lol! Sears...wack. They were the shit when I was younger though. That KidVantage shit was dope for parents. Ahhhh...freshman year. I dressed the same. Zani Di Flared jeans, and a groovy looking top. lol! I was the shit back then.

Chris said...

Dude...Sears is the new epitome of fashion...LLCoolJ is gonna have his clothing line there...that's right, for 29.95 you can have your very own bedazzler swag!

Erika said...

What??? I was just telling my younger cousins they needed to get outfitted in some LL swag and now they can! That's dope!

And Mz. Sullivan, you wore the same kind of clothing! My jeans were some off brand that were 15.00 at Goody's and a shirt we got on sale. My mom only gave me like 50.00 for back to school shopping! I thought that was like winning the lottery!

Valentina said...

My first day outfit for high school was this totally gorgeous embroidered peasant skirt that I wish I still had and my all my best vintage jewelry. I looked amazing. Just sayin, I totally did.