Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009. I Hope You Don't Suck.

So in the same vein as Lolita, I thought I would share my favorite albums of 2008. This was a weird year for music wasn't it? We saw the break-ups and disbandonments of the Teeth (this was actually really sad, because these guys are fucking fantastic), Be Your Own Pet (no one saw that coming), Wolfmother (I REALLY didn't see that coming!), and the Format (who?).

But even amongst all the turmoil, controversy, and post-apocalyptic themed releases from meaningful core bands (a - Coldplay, I am disappointed, b - I read far too much Hipster Runoff. Must stop following on Tumblr), we saw the emergence of some amazing albums, and bands for that matter, like the So So Glos, Little Joy, Friendly Fires, and Lackthereof, Menomena's side proyecto.

Anyways, here are my favorite albums from 2008:

15. Noot D’Noot Goofer Dust: I was pretty stoked about this release, especially after I saw them play at WRAS Fest [that's the concert WRAS 88.5 - the college station - held last year. Noot D'Noot and Janelle Monae played it, among other dope hip hop and punk bands. It was fucking awesome because it was only 7.00 a person and it went till 2 am] and then again at Record Store Day. So of course I jumped at the chance to buy it at their Whirlyball [it's a place where you can play whirlyball, which is like a combo of bumper cars and um, scoopyball, which makes no sense, but it would if you played it. Sometimes they have shows there and they're always awesome because it has a bar and pool tables and bathrooms!] show. It’s fucking awesome and trippy and badass. It goes perfect with, ahem, mind enhancements…uh, I mean tea and cookies.

14. Apes and Androids Blood Moon: It’s been a while since I’ve listened to an album where every song on it sounds completely different. That whole aspect keeps Blood Moon really fun and interesting, plus the lyrics are awesome. Who else would say “She’s got an ATM that doesn’t work but you can relax, she’s got cash!” “Golden Prize” is my favorite song. It always makes me want to put on a lot of sequins and spandex and dance in front of mirror. So, you know, it makes me want to be an American Apparel ad.

13. Beach House Devotion: There probably isn’t anything I could say about this album that hasn’t already been said. Perfectly crafted, beautiful, ethereal and effortless. I think if it was possible to live in the clouds, Beach House would be there.

12. Earlimart Hymn and Her: I started to get into Earlimart when they put out Tormentor but I forgot about them until Hymn and Her. I love how heavy the sound is, but at the same time, how light the sound is. It’s like…air whipped honey.

11. Boy Kill Boy Stars and the Sea: This album cost me a shit load (almost forty dollars to be exact) because the record industry tried to fuck American consumers over by not getting anyone in the States to distribute it so it was only available as an import. I fucking hope they can sleep well at night knowing they’re forcing music lovers to have to make a choice between music and food. Oh, and the album’s great; a lot more poppy than their ’06 release Civilian, but danceable and bright nonetheless. I just had to get that first part out there.

10. Vivian Girls Vivian Girls: The girl’s guide to muddled hipster punk.

9. Santogold Santogold: I really like this album, not because Santogold is a black woman challenging stereotypes and really making it in a “white” genre, but because it’s just good music with good messages and that’s what’s really important.

8. WHY? Alopecia: I fell in love with WHY? after I heard “The Hollows.” I played that song for hours on end and I was like, I have to get this record. So I did and it was totally worth it. Even though when you first listen to it, the words just sound like, well words that happen to rhyme, if you really focus and listen, you’ll find a lot of awesome little surprises. I ‘m pretty sure Alopecia will be the most slept on album this year.

7. Flowers Forever Flowers Forever: I like this album because there are a lot of horns and bouncy drums and even some organs! Yeah, even organs! I’m definitely going to be playing “Happy New Year” on New Year’s Eve. Oh and you should too. Flowers Forever is sort of like what would happen if The Black Lips went to Mexico and added Mariachi players and carnival workers. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

6. The Chapin Sisters Lake Bottom LP: I think of this album as what would happen if emo kids made folk music. Really though, these girls sing about being killed, falling out of love, and being generally super depressed. It’s a sad album, but there’s no denying that their voices and music are lovely, so I don’t mind being a little sadder after listening to them.

5. White Hinterland Phylactery Factory: LOVE this album. I used to just put it on in the car in the Spring and let it play all the way through. Casey Deniel’s voice is so light and breezy and the piano and drum accompaniment is really jazzy and smooth. When I listen to this album, I think of walking around barefoot in the Hamptons in the ‘20s wearing a white dress and a feather headband.

4. Dr. Dog Fate: First of all, I would like to point out that Dr. Dog has put an album out every year consecutively since 2005. That’s kind of amazing in my book. I think this is their richest album so far. I love how much their new songs remind me of albums they put out years ago yet still sound brand new. But I can’t actually listen to “Army of Ancients” because it makes me cry. Yeah. Go ahead and laugh. Once I went into Barnes and Noble and they were tracking through the album and I heard that song and started crying in the middle of the magazine section. Sad.

3. King Khan and the Shrines The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines: I was a fan of these guys since 2007 when What Is?! came out, but really this album is phenomenal. It’s so fucking…groovy. And that ain’t a word I use lightly. It’s definitely perfect for listening to at the beach.

2. The Dodos Visiter: After I heard “Fools” on 88.5 [the GA State college station] earlier this year, I knew I was going to really like these guys. And what do you know? I did! Their rhythms are innovative, their voices are pure and smooth, and their lyrics are wonderful. My favorite song on Visiter is “Ashley.” It reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what it is.

1. M83 Saturdays = Youth: This was an album that took me a little while to warm up to. After listening to it a couple of times, it definitely grew on me. Plus I would completely wear every outfit on the album cover. Really, every song on that album is so beautiful and gauzy. Totally makes me feel like I’m wearing short shorts and running around in a field of daisies holding sparklers in 1983 while the sun is setting. But that’s just me.


Valentina said...

God I love the cover of the M83 album. As far as fav albums go this year lets see: Karl Blau "Nature's Got Away" because it will now forever be associated with my first few months in Cali, The So So Glos "Tourism/Terrorism" cause they sound like The Clash if they were from Brooklyn, Grey Anne "Facts and Figurines" because oh my motherfucking god her voice is so so pretty, Fleet Foxes because I want to marry them all, MGMT "Oracular Spectacular", Juana Molina "Un Dia", and Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago" because christ I love bearded mountain men and their music.

And you know, everything you said.

Olivia Allin said...

ohmgee, I love The Format! Even though they just broke up (apparently) you need to get into them. I'll burn you a copy. Also love Earlimart...apparently they're friends with my love, Clark Duke. So, maybe when I re-seduce him, we can hang out with them!

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG Bon Iver sooooo good. In other news, how on earth do you guys know all this super-de-duper esoteric music? Oh yeah, college radio! God, I don't that even exists here. Just so you know, houses don't exist here either. I'm not really on a computer, I'm writing this with oxen blood on a piece of papyrus in my tipi.

Annnnnnnd I wanna play scoopyball.

Latoya said...


Erika said...

I heard "Un Dia" was like spectacular. It was on all the Top 50 lists.

Oh and Olivia, don't worry, I know who the Format are. I actually saw them in concert a few yrs ago when my musical mind was young and impressionable and I thought Hawthorne Heights and All American Rejects were, "like, so prolific." I was so retarded.

And Sarah, as soon as I read that I started laughing so hard! Actually Northridge doesn't have a worthwhile college station. I got into a ton of "esoteric" (awesome word use!!!) music when I was in Atlanta and I listened to GA State's radio. LA's Indie 103.1 is also the best radio station invented.

And we will totally play scoopyball. Done.

Dook Platypus said...

So there we were, compiling the Noot d' noot top 15 blogs of 2008 list, and when we visited Do it at the Disco we saw our name on your list! We must have been made for each other.

Erika said...

Omigod, that's awesome! But I have to hand all the credits to you lovely Noots for putting on shows and making music worth enjoying!