Monday, December 1, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist Addendum

I have this weird love/hate relationship with Urban Outfitters. I love their clothing, I hate the prices. Sometimes I really do. I don't see why I should have to pay 68.00 for this zipper front skirt. It's just a piece of cloth with an exposed zipper going down it. Oh well. I succumb anyways.

And I thought I was totally done with my Christmas Wishlist and fully free of UO's iron consumer grip, until they had this.

What you do is pick a type of person and they show you all the items someone like that would like as gifts. For myself I picked THE ROMANTIC, and totally fell in love with all the j'adorable things. Things like this:
Tuxedo dress? Do want.
Silk flower headwrap? Yes pls.

And then for my bf I went to THE STARVING ARTIST and found all sorts of neat things he would like, if he were a starving hipster artist.

Anyway, it's basically awesome and I kinda love it, so UO, consider me once more amongst your loyal legion of fangirls. Now please build a UO in Northridge so I don't have to go so far anymore. Grazie.