Monday, December 15, 2008

"Boooyahh! The Baby Is Black!"

So I got my cable transferred from my old apt to my new fab apt and because of that, the cable dudes gave me free Showtime for a year. I was not about to argue with something that awesome. Sooo...with my newfound Showtime-iness, I decided to pretend I was like 3728973281 thousand other Americans and tuned in for the Californication season finale.

Now, I've never seen a single episode, so all I knew was there was a goth girl and the big Duchov was a sex addict in the real world. These things became irrelevant, however, because the recap took care of everything I did not know beforehand.

So the show. It made no sense to me. I don't understand how people tuned in for a season of this. I was pleasantly suprised when the preggers chick had a black baby and then Duchov started dancing around.

And someone please explain to me if Hank has a wife? I can't tell, because he is getting frisky with girls all over the place. I am sort of confused. And whose child is the goth girl? And why is he writing a book on a typewriter? And why is he writing a book? And how were people fucking with their clothes on? And...? And...?!

Thus I deem Californication the most confusing and Los Angelian show on Showtime.

WTF to infinity.



Lolita Hazed said...

OMG! You get to watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl! Well, that is, if you haven't already seen it all...