Friday, December 5, 2008

Look What I Got!

Dude I really wish Karmaloop gave out gift certificates or membership cards, because I buy like everything from that website. Por serio. In our latest installment of Things I Bought From Karmaloop, today I found these waiting for me in my mailbox. Booyah!

This Richard Nixon shirt is my favorite. In my American History class in high school my friend and I had this weird inside joke about Nixon. Everytime something confused us we'd say, this is one "Tricky Dick!" Thus this shirt pays homage to that retardedness. I am so stoked to wear it to that fashion show on Wed. Plus e.5 charlie is like my new favorite brand because it's actually affordable.

Oh and does anyone remember these glasses? Well I got those too. And they are badass but the pictures I tried to take of me in them are not, so I'm going to spare you those.

Loves me some Karmaloop!