Friday, December 26, 2008

The Recieving End Of Giving

how cute is this cupcake? created by kiwigirlsteph. totally put that to avoid copyright infringement like a motherfucker.

Well, love isn't ALL I got over Christmas. I also got gifts! What what! Among the awesomeness was my best gift ever...

A new laptop! It's adorable and fancy and small and new and a Toshiba! It's basically the arbiter of my happiness wrapped up in a two small hinge attached portable rectangles. I luh it! And it has Skype! Jump the fuck back! Plus the keys are sooooo smooth! Even as I type this, my fingers feel like ten little ice skaters gliding across beautiful glassy ice.

It's like poetry dudes.

And I got a pair of hi-top pink Converse! Holla fo a dolla! And Sam took fab note of what I wanted for Christmas and bought me shoes and perfume! 'Tis the season to be awesome. I got him a Steinski retrospective album, which is apparently mind-blowing and "perfect shower music" and, in if you go back far enough, he says, the reason why Girl Talk even exists! More profound than I bargained for, huh?

So, so, that I have finished covering the top of my laptop with stickers, I wanna know:

What did you guys get????



Valentina said...

Nothing. Literally, nothing. I don't think my family believes in Christmas.

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG. That cupcake. I need. In my belly. Now. I would eat the tree first and work my way down.
I am a cupcake connaisseur, or at least hope to someday become one.

OMG I HAVE SKYPE TOO. My username is sarahisyourdaughter, because I only thought I'd be talking to my momma, but I really like it in retrospect and dissenting bitches can step off.
Ooh! What perfume did you get? I think perfume is a really good indicator of a person's personality. It's at least something that will, if you wear it enough, become associated with you. I love that. And I don't use perfume.

I, like V, got nothing. Cept for food (I can deal with that), some clothes, and some huge empty brown book. I think the consumerism of Christmas is pretty overrated anyway. I'm much more of a Yahoo Doris kind of girl than a Cindy Lou Who... does that even make sense? Gawd, my cultural references are starting to feel highly irrelevant.

P.S. V, what on earth have you been doing this break? Inquiring sources want to know! Do post!

Erika said...

Awww V! That's ok. You;ll have a ton of post Holidays debaucherous fun when I get back to LA! You and Me and Smarah and Strip Club!

And Sarah, we should totally Skype! It'll prolly be creepy at first, like when Harry Potter first came out and you actually got to see those talking paintings talk.
I wear Bleu Riviera and Princess by Vera Wang. I found Bleu Riviera when I went to Italy as a freshman in HS. We went to the hills of South France, to Fragonard, the perfume maker, and I got to buy it. Turns out it's only 19.00, 28 with shipping, making it extremely affordable and worth it because it smells like heaven. I guess my perfume says I'm a French coquette. Oh wait, isn't that a food?

Valentina said...

Ooh can we all have an awesome Skype sesh together? Please?? Twill be ever so much fun!

PS I GOT THE NEW MISSBEHAVE!! Mission accomplished!

Lolita Hazed said...

YES! I need to get my computer to stop killing itself and once I do, SKYPE PARTY! And OMG, video chats!? Just like they used to do on the Proud Family!

Lolita Hazed said...

Ooh, and V, did you get it for free? Because, somehow, I totally did! My subscription is OVER, does someone love me at the Missbehave office and I had noez ideaz, or did someone just forget my subscription was over? Either way, I was STOKED.

Rai said...
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Rai said...

That cupcake is cute, I'd still eat it though. =]

MACK said...

you're picture is missing on the left sidebar @ Missbehave :(

MACK said...

oh yeah, no skype party for me beacause A. I don't have skype (is it free?) and B. I don't have a lappy with a camera because I suck. LOL.

Valentina said...

Oh Alex! Sadface! Skype is totally free but you'd need a camera to do the superfum video chat thingie. But we could probs still do l a BPQ group chat or something!