Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Comics Are Cartoons For Adults

I am so tired. Just tired. Je suis fatigue. I'm hungry and suddenly find myself wondering what ever happened to Joss Stone.

Anyways, this morning was volunteering at Glenwood Elem School. In case you didn't know (which you definitely probably didn't), I volunteer a few hours every week at Glenwood ES in Sun Valley, a small, low income city in the San Fernando Valley. It's pretty easy to miss; the exit for it is right off the 5 frwy, on the way to LA. Almost the entire population is Latino; I think there's only one non-Latino in that whole school that I've seen, and he's black.

My class, room 11, is awesome. The kids are bouncy and loud and remind me of 2nd grade, when you didn't want to listen to any adults and all you wanted was the other girls' approval. Today, I had to help out a little girl named Daniela, who can speak English fine but has trouble writing it. Like serio trouble. The class was writing Santa letters and she needed help.

I said, "What do you want for Christmas?"

She said, "I want the Hannah Montana."

"Hannah Montana everything?"


*Sigh* "Okay, let's tell Santa that."

It got to the point where I was so exhausted that I had to tell her which letter to write. I would make the sound and she wouldn't know the letter so I had to get crafty. A was the house letter, O was the circle letter, h was the chair letter, N was the little mountain letter, and M was the big mountain letter. It took us 45 minutes to write eight sentences. I was so tired after that that my volunteering for the day was done, son.

Speaking of done, my religious studies class will be offish over in two weeks. Holla! No one ever take that class, okay? To further illustrate (literally) that point, I am going to show you what I do in that class. Uh, I mean besides sleep and skip.



MACK said...

sounds (and looks) a bit like my theology class.