Friday, December 5, 2008

I Really Love Current TV

Like Logo and the Lifetime Real Women's Network, I had no idea this channel existed until we got cable with an expanded package (aka fancy cable). I watched it once, when I was flipping channels and happened to stop on it. On was this guy who was learning how to skateboard and roaming around NYC talking to lil NYC boarders. I found it at once endearing and educational, interesting and informative.

Thus my love for Current TV began. This channel is amazing. The fact that it laces set programming with viewer created content and amazing documentaries is so fucking revolutionary. What's also is how most programs are only 15 to 20 minutes long, so if something isn't fun to watch, you don't have to watch it for long! Just wait! In ten minutes, another show will come on!

In between the cool shows, they feature current events that are sent in by viewers and users of, basically allowing for the viewers of the channel to create the news they see as well as share their thoughts on said news. It's completely amazing.

Did I say how much I loved this channel? I've been watching it ALLZ the time, and getting smarter by the minute! Just yesterday I watched a Lisa Ling documentary on LA gang violence and tonight I'm watching a documentary about Japanese clubs that hire North American girls to be hostesses! It's sofa king fascinating!

Oh and plus they play Radiohead's "Reckoner" between shows. Um awesome. When I'm a famous journalist I want to work for Current TV. I want my own show where I talk about music. It'll be called The Week That Was.

Probs not.



Lolita Hazed said...

I had no idea this was an actual channel-- that is totally bomb. Do they play Super News on it? Cuz that show is so, so good. The Hills: Apocalypse pretty much changed my life.

Latoya said...


Erika said...

Yep! Super News is on it. Last night I watched "Internet Porn and You" and it was hilarious!

LaBellezaAfroka said...

Jealous! I only get the clips on its website online, which just gets to be annoying. Target Women is my fave though.