Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sassy Senoritas Eating Juevos And Gorditas

So some of you guys (V, Sarah, and Alex) might have noticed something pop up in your inbox this morning. That's because I made a new blog! It's called Brooklyn Prom Queen and it's super special because it's just for you guys! By you guys, once again I mean V, Sarah, and Alex. On it we can discuss awesomesauce music, kickass books, movies, and other badass magazines and publications that we like as well as White Rice!

It's basically the blawg Messiah. Oh yeah, so back to your inboxes (what a fucked up plural!), I sent you guys emails so the four of us can all write whatever we want whenever we want!

Brooklyn Prom Queens unite!



MACK said...

you are a GENIUSSSSS. I had to dig through 72 emails (whattt?) to find the invite but I finally did! And now I'm going to go post, lol. So check BPQ tonight!