Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Fuck It, I'm Gonna Have A Party!

I'm at that point where you are so upset/frustrated/hurt/tired that you start laughing. You know, like when you hurt yourself but all you can do is cry...then starting laughing? So I am just gonna say fuck it, I have no boyfriend anymore, no job, no money, I keep getting cuts on my hands from god knows what, and all my clothes are in various stacks on the floor because I have been putting off building this goddamn IKEA dresser, but so what? Fuck it!

I'm gonna party myself silly! Fuck responsibilities, fuck the "real world", fuck heartache! All I need is some Spice Girls and eyeliner! I'm gonna have so much fun...um...I'll have a lot of fun!

I'll party like it's 1987 and I'm as cool as Lisa Turtle! (I always wanted to be her...if acid wash denim sets were back in style I would so rock one, scrunchie, Reeboks and all!)

Sometimes you just have to say fuck it! This is one of those times! Now direct yourself to the Nada Surf video below. Thank you!



Lolita Hazed said...

That's my girl! Trust me, this week I've learned shit happens, life goes on. Plus, face it, E, YOU'RE AWESOME. You've got so, so damn much going for you, you had better celebrate! Plus you're gonna be partying with Smarah soon!!!

Gawd, I only wish I were there. (Who knows? Maybe I will be-- I'm considering Northridge!)

MACK said...

YESSS, Smarah in LA?! Think about the blogs this will produce.

WHOOPI said...

I want to party too!!! lets make it happen!

Erika said...

@Whoopi: Hells yes! I need to do some serious partying! LA Partays FTW!