Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Flashing Lights" X 2

If you liked the first "Flashing Lights" video, then good for you. Chances are you saw it on MTV one morning as you got ready for work, or whatever it is you do in the morning, and you thought, "Wow, this video is kind of cool. It's new, Kanye, and different." That may or may not be verbatim.

Well, as Jacqueline Susann says, "Once Is Not Enough." Kanye thinks so too. He had Bill Pollock make this really cool American Apparel ad/music video. The chick is Charlotte Carter-Allen. She's gorgeous, no? Yes! She wakes up with mojitos and then parties with girls who look just like her. Then she gets drunk and walks home alone. Kanye is standing in some badly lit room, walking around. That part is kind of hazy.

Anyway, I guess there is a third video to make all this make sense. I hope. In any case, you can just watch the damn video.

OK, now go buy some American Apparel. Good job.