Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Am Recovered! (Mostly)

Yesterday was, I don't know. Something else. I came down with some kind of one-day hour flu with all the symptoms: ache-y body, feeling nauseous, headache, was messed up. I told my body it was unnappreciated to be sick for an entire Saturday. The day was pleasant and simply rolled by as I was forced to watch TV for eleven hours straight.

It was cruel and unusual punishment. I was kept on a diet of ginger ale, toast, and shortbread cookies, which is one of the only foods I can eat when I'm sick for some reason.

Today some evil death crows popped up on my porch to take me to my death, but I didn't give them the satisfaction. I won't be beat by this mystery illness. Also, I feel 100 percent better. Hah, crows! Hah!

Humorous Pictures
more cat pictures

And also so you know (but won't care) I got the new Blackberry Curve yesterday. In my ill state, I spent the whole day downloading ringtones and hanging out on Missbehave's website. Downside: no one wants to change the television channel because they think they'll get sick from touching the remote. Grrrr.

Peep my Curve!