Thursday, May 29, 2008

Counseling Done Right: The Tyra Show

A lot of people don't particularly care for Rachel Ray. You either like her or your don't. It is the same thing with Tyra. Many people think she is a ridiculously retarded blithering idiot with no common sense. Others believe she is changing the world. Like a taller Oprah. Personally, I like Tyra, and I very much enjoy watching her talk show, weekdays, at 1 pm, on Fox.

I also very much enjoy watching this episode of Tyra, where my Bad Girls Club fave-ity fave Tanisha (who recently overcame her anger ish and got a new weave), is counseling some angry bitches (mother and child) to overcome their problems and become better people. She's actually really inspirational now. AWEsome.

Such a heartwarming episode, because it combines two of my fave things: counseling and reality show rehab.