Friday, May 16, 2008

Yay, It's Legit!

So, it's true! Or I read it on this website, and the internet is full of truth, right? Kgood. Anyway, Tuesday, May 20, my last day of senior year, the Cool Kids' album, The Bake Sale, drops on iTunes motherfuckers! Be excited! Now! The downside is that it won't actually be in a record store until June 10th (tear).

Chuck and Mikey (Yup, he's Mikey) are awesome. Just so you know. They toured with MIA and were on MTV, too. Plus they're from Illanoise, which is AWEsome. They're kind of like Kidz In The Hall, and at least while everyone's riding this hip(ster)-hop/fresh to def train, I might as well buy some memorablia, because music's gonna shift back to that super tough thug-wannabe style anyway.

Pick up The Bake Sale! 5-20-08! No more illegal downloads! Peep video:

"Black Mags"