Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stay Fresh With A Mixtape

No, not like a Muxtape, which is just something little hipster douches make so they can stay on the up and up. Myflashfetish is the convenient website that allows you to make an mp3 playlist for your blog page, fo' free, with just about any song you can imagine. There's no limit on how many songs you can add. All you do is type in the artist or song, hit search, and then post it up.

At the end you get a code to paste it into your blog. Yeah, you have to be a member, but membership is free and takes two seconds, promise. It's awesome. My mp3 playlist is in the form of a cute little mixtape.

Get Music Tracks!Create A Playlist!

You can also get Myspace shite, music videos, and streaming television for your site. Fresh!

And if you like mixtapes, you can get the kind for your computer right here!