Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plz Don't Get Silly

This is stupid. And silly. And completely, unabashedly ridic. I hate it. I want to dance to it. I am mildly conflicted, and agitated that Soulja Boy is gaining enough clout in the industry to help other people make dumb ass songs and videos. It's unsettling. Collipark you are (a little) better than this. You had Ying Yang Twins and Young Jeezy for a minute, so you can (kind of) do it right...You can judge it for yourself. It's worse than Tyga.

Actually, it makes Tyga look like T.I. Scary! I saw this on...where? Sucker Free Countdown. Why? Look for the Flavor Flav remix.

It hurts. Viscerally. I promise ATL has better hip hop than this. Really! I'm gonna go sulk at Club Crunk.