Monday, May 26, 2008

"Modern Drummer" Video

Okay, I know Stereogum got to this before I could (how could they not? They are an illustrious online music megasource that gets the worm before the early bird does, and I am merely a blog that happens to occasionally cover music), but I saw this video last night on Subterranean and I almost had an epilepsy.

I guess Ungdomskulen is like a metal-ish rock band. They're from Norway though. That's pretty much the only kind of music they have have to assume.

There's a lot of flashing light/strobe/rave '95 action. With rainbows of colors. It's pretty crazy. The whole thing is like the end-of-semester project you have to make in your computer/graphic design class. I don't really like it. Well, actually, I guess it's not so bad. Here, you can judge for yourself.

I think the song is about some guy professing his love for some great drummer. Oh, I don't know. This thing is tricky. Norwegians...I know this isn't like the normal music I post a video for, but I kind of like it in a Metalocalypse way.

Ungdomskulen: "Modern Drummer"