Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thx But No Thx

Once, I liked Gym Class Heroes. It was circa their first album. I saw them live, when the Tournado tour came to the Arena, and I thought Travis was uber sexy. At least his voice was. Then I saw an interview with Travvy on MTV and I fell out of love very quickly.

Anyway, this backstory is just to preface my hate and supreme dislike for his li'l cuz Tyga, who now has that ridiculous single "Coconut Juice" on Sucker Free on MTV2. Now don't get me wrong, I know Sucker Free isn't exactly a paradigm for real, true hip hop, but I mean, this song?

Not to mention the video is all wrong. There are some white hoes shaking asses in their corner, plenty of post-fab hipsters, and that annoying Tyga looks like he bought his whole wardrobe at Urban Outfitters. Not to mention Travis is tossing lines in. And there's a cameo from Pete Wentz, who, might I add, said, "This is Encino, not Compton."

What is that supposed to mean?! Suddenly Wentz listens to to Jay-Z and suddenly he can participate in economic and demographical stereotypes? I don't think so.

Whatevs. Maybe in ten years this will be like Will Smith circa "Willenium." I hope so.