Monday, May 26, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme Is Already Rappin

Okay, I don't know if anyone watches the 2nd season of Miss Rap Supreme or not. But I just jump from vh1 reality show to show, so I obvi ended up starting to watch it. It's a good show. I'm voting for Rece Steele, because she's so sweet, but Byata is a bad chick.

Anyway, there's a rapper chick on there named Nicky 2 States. She's really hard...lyrically, of course. Riiiight...

So while listening to one of my favorite producers Diplo, and his partner Benzi, on their Fear and Loathing in Hunts, Vegas mixtape, I noticed something. There's this track called "Woodgrain" on the mix, and with some digging (light blogging), I found the original, whole version, which is like 6 minutes long.

But guess who's on "Woodgrain?" Nicky 2 States! She's a got a really sweet verse on there, and I just thought that it was kind of crazy that she's trying to be Miss Rap Supreme when she's already doing work. It's weird, but impressive. Check the track for yourself.

Paper Route Gangstaz: "Woodgrain" [via zSHARE]

Just blaze!