Monday, May 19, 2008

Death Couch For Cutie

Ugh, I have relapsed. One day I wake up, so fresh and so clean, and then suddenly, boom! I lay down on the death couch to watch the Tyra show and I'm all sick all over again. It's incomprehensible.

And yeah, this moment called for a big ass word.

The crows haven't returned yet, but I'm sure they're plotting my death. My mom is actually trying to figure out what is wrong with me by googling up my mini-illnesses on WebMD, which ultimately means I'm going to have to take myself to the doctor. Sigh.

Ohai spoiler alert:
Thing 2 won Flavor of Love. Little ugly babies for e'rybody! Reunion next Monday at 9 pm.

Be there or be cubical!
For your (and my) entertainment, a video from Kevin and Olivia, the hosts of G4's Attack Of the Show. I heart this show and am very sad that we no longer have G4 since our cable got changed. Mostly I lurve Olivia. I got you girl!