Monday, May 26, 2008

Forever Pale

I love Forever 21 probably more than the next girl. I'm pretty poor and I don't mind having to stitch a hole here or sew a button back on there. That's why F21 and I gel so well. It's cheap and just good enough quality to look acceptable. We both have the same "appear expensive but actually are very cheap" outlook.

Anyway, I was looking on Forever for some stuff since my cousin gave me a gift card, and I came across this skirt. It's super cute and it's a lot like the one I bought from F21 a few weeks ago, but the zipper broke on that one, so I need a new one...right, so this skirt is adorable, but -

Why are the Forever 21 models so pale? If they raise their prices a few dollars, maybe they can afford to tan the girls.

Just a thought.