Thursday, May 29, 2008


The Hood Internet, aka the best thing for mash-ups since sliced bread, have a new mixtape out! First, it was the Hood Internet Mixtape Vol. 1. That was blazin'. Then they had The Hood Internet vs The Pack (I don't know who The Pack is). Not to mention there were a ton of individual awesome tracks in between those mixes. And there was a Mixtape Vol. 2, which was a good title, and it was off the chain.

(Actually, it was so AWEsome it was on the chain, then threw itself off the chain in a cool hari-kari fighting style. They had katanas and chopsticks. Someone played some pop music.)

Moving on, it's been a hot minute since ABX and DJ STV SLV dropped anything comprehensive. Well, the wait is over! Today, The Hood Internet vs Chicago dropped. 24 brand new tracks that you couldn't get anywhere else, all featuring Chicago natives. Also, there are some people who aren't from Chicago, but that's not important.

So go cop this! It's free! The Hood Internet is super philanthropic like that, yo. Get it girl, get it, get it girl!