Friday, August 8, 2008

Boys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Boys

Yesterday I was in the car with my boyfriend. He started talking to me hypothetically about what would happen if he moved to San Fran after I moved to LA. I listened. I also interrupted a few times to interject the necessary sarcastic comments.

By the end of his hypothesizing, he asked me, "So if I had a box of stuff from my ex, would you make me throw it out or let me keep it?"

I said, "Whoa! You got that off Missbehave!" I pointed a finger dramatically for effect.

Bashfully he replied, "What? No I didn't. I'm just asking."

I persisted, "Yes you did! I can't believe you read Missbehave!"

Finally he said, "Yeah. I read your comment and wanted to see what you would say."

He's reading my comments? He's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my blog! Boys are crazy!

I just threatened to kill him and then we called it a day.



Valentina said...

Ahh creepy! Sometimes I forget that anyone can hypothetically read missbehave. Now I've just freaked myself out.

Hi Erika's boyfriend if you're reading!

Mz.Sullivan said...

In my Dane Cook voice....

"Kill him Erika....kill him..."

Erika said...

I can totally imagine what that sounds like! Hahaha!

sarah morrison said...

hahahahah my friend smolivia had the same thing happen. luckily if he is uber stalking and reading this, he will have no idea who i am talking about due to the name change above.

i get reading blogs like him reading this. dude reading the ones she writes. but going through comments is some next level stuff.

Erika said...

Well it scared me at first because I thought he was gonna follow the link and then read my blog and then be all like, "I read what you wrote about me and us on my blog." Now, if he borrows my laptop, I have to X out of the missbehave home page and my blog page. I'm living in internet fear.

purvaceous rex said...

wait, he's never read your blog? that must be nice! my stupid boyfriend character read my myspace blog and always reads missbehave and trys to use everything against me! it's ridiculous! i just called him out on his boydrama. guys need to lay off the internets.