Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Current Life Stats And A Burning Quesh

Ugh. Today I had five cavities filled. Then I fell asleep three times watching The Bad Seed with my bf. I woke up early enough to watch all three airings of Maury today. I made an attempt to pick out a really cute outfit to wear, but couldn't find a thing since I haven't washed my clothes for about 2 weeks. They prolly won't get washed till I run out of undies.

My pal Chris is celebrating his 21st birthday this Thursday! We're all supposed to do some crazy midnight bowling! I'm super excited. My bf and I are making him a cake as our present. Now I need some ideas for a fly cake. It has to be good since we're not bothering to buy Chris something cool like a new Halo game or speakers for his motorcycle.

All this talk about cake made me think about the coolest cakes I've ever seen. But any ideas are welcome! My bf's an amateur chef so he can make just about anything!

The Kid Sister cake. We all remember this one. I want a cake done up with my fingernails matching!

The Tom Selleck cake. I just realized it says "Hairy Birthday." Even though everyone believes the chest hair to be a million different things (like larva and worms), it's just choco sprinkles, k?

The Master Shake cake. Whoa. I luh Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so this cake was like heaven to look at, prolly amazing to eat.

The Mario cake. I love Mario (espesh the original version on Super Nintendo since that's all I have!) and I thought this one was adorable! If I was turning twelve next year, I would request this cake in a heartbeat.

So does anyone have any amazing ideas? For the people who have already turned 21, what kind of cake did you have/would you recommend? That's why I love The Disco! It's like a way less confusing and time consuming Ask Jeeves!!!!



Valentina said...

Hmm no cool ideas, but god do I really really love that Hairy Birthday cake! My real life name is Emma and I totally posted that picture all over facebook in the hopes that someone would get it for me.

Anonymous said...

WHOA! Kid Sister cake looks AMAZINGDELICIOUSYUMMYCAKES. Droooolllll, the PMS wants some of that. My brain is melting.