Friday, August 15, 2008

Girls Aloud!

You wanna know something funny? I almost went to ATL's Girls Rock Camp back in July. But I was afraid I had too much experience on the drums.

When I go to Barnes and Noble, it's usually for just one of two things: to buy a new novel that'll help me forget how much I hate my life, or for a new issue of Missbehave or Preen. (BTW, if you've never read Preen, pick it up! It won't put you to sleep like i-D and the glossies are as cool as Visionaire. Yeah I'm cultured, what of it?)

Anyway, sometimes there are off days and I don't find anything that I'm looking for. But I have to buy something. It takes so much effort for me to walk to BnN that I never allow a trip to be in vain. So I made the mistake of picking up the new ish of Seventeen. First of all, it was hard enough for me to pay for it when Miley Cyrus was cheesing back at me on the cover. Secondly, it hurt me physically to read it.

Having been seventeen not too long ago, I can honestly say these kinds of "issues affecting teens today" were shit I was dealing with back when I was 14. "Perfect party ready makeup"? "Kissing 101"? "How to make him notice you in study hall"? What??? Maybe I would have really pored through these pages when I was in middle school, but they've become drastically irrelevant to today's young women.

Thank god for Missbehave, but I feel like there should be something more. MissB is for street savvy badass women who can hold down a 9 to 5, keep their boyfriend satisfied, cut a bitch at the bar, hit up the online sales at Karmaloop, and still have enough money to pay the rent on the 15th and buy their girls a round of drinks on Friday.

While that is (for the most part) me, there's like a void, a lost niche for a magazine that appeals to the broke-ass, socially awkward, incredibly smart, fashion forward, obsessive, compulsive 18-22 set. I'm thinking of starting a revolution. I'm thinking of starting a 'zine.

Who's with me?



MACK said...

new layout...cute stuff. annnd you know me..magazine queen hopeful. i'm so down for multiple projects!

Valentina said...

Oh man, I love Preen! But don't be insulting my i-D, I love that magazine like none other. It's one of the best to read while I'm bored at work.

I've never read Seventeen. Ever. When I was a tween I was already reading (or looking at) French Vogue. Thus, I have no comment on said lame teen mags. But girl, you should totally start a zine! I've always wanted to myself, can I work for you?

Erika said...

Really??? Every time I read i-D at a bookstore I wish I there was a bed for me to lay on afterwards. Maybe because there are so many pages...I remember when I was like 11 or 12 I was reading Teen Vogue but I was like, This isn't realistic, like it's pretty but I can't afford any of these clothes and no one's telling me how to get my first kiss! So I got Seventeen but after I turned...about 15 I realized it had no relevance with me. But girl, why work for me when you can just work with me? I'm thinking about pulling White Rice out of retirement, getting back on the horse, and starting shit up again. Oh, and if you don't know what White Rice can read about it here:

Erika said...

Oh shit, the link didn't work properly. Here:

Valentina said...

haha, well see very rarely do I ever actually "read" magazines. I just look at the pretty, pretty pictures of stuff. I reserve reading for special mags like missbehave (duh) and all the good men's mags. i-D has really good pictures.

YESS! Let's do it. White Rice will rise again. Project number 1 when we get to cali.

Lolita Hazed said...

I've wanted to start a zine for so long! I agree, I think there really is a void missing for some of us. God, I'm definitely up for it if you are!

Lolita Hazed said...

I mean, come on, you've already got an audience here-- who says you can't go mass-production?

Erika said...

I hope so! I better learn myself some serious HTML so I can figure out a way to let people read it online like other mags! That would be fucking sweet!

sarah morrison said...

yeah i like erikas magazine. im all of that except under 22. can i write for that magazine? or read it even tho im 40?

ive had this book idea forever i dont know what it would be called but for lack of a title "the bad girls guide to college" like 20 meals to make with ramen...hiding flasks in purses when going out type of crap blah blah. i have a chapter by chapter outline on my old computer.

Erika said...

Sarah Morrison, you have to write a book like that! And then you have to write for my magazine! And then you have to read it! And then you have to lie down because I just gave you a long list of things you have to do!

And honestly, you could just publish a book called "What It's Like To Be Sarah Morrison" and it would be a NY Times bestseller instantly! But I like your idea!! Pls write it!!!